Lamborghini Uracco

If you look at the Uracco script on the back of this car, it looks like it spells the work Tacco! So, we call this car the Taco. This is my new favorite car, its so interesting, usable, fun, ugly, pretty. It has 4 seats so my kids can go for a ride. It has the coolest interior of all time, these block pattern seats and turn signal/high low switch sticking straight out of the dash instead of being on the steering column. The steering wheel is dished so deep yet your arms are still fully outstretched to reach it, I could go on and on about the gauge and switch layout and the crazy industrial feel of the shifter. Great car.

This is a Uracco P250 with the 2.5 liter V8 which has the same cosmetic details as the earlier P200 and a bigger engine. The P300 had updated seats that aren’t as cool and started getting bigger rubber bumpers and things that detracted from the appeal of this model. The engine is outstanding and is probably one of the best sounding V-8′s I have ever heard. The transmission shifts perfectly, the handling is seamless and ride quality is outstanding.

Lamborghini’s are amazing because they are extremely dynamic, avant-garde cars but they seem to have a sense of humor, they take styling to the edge and push a little more without seeming “precious”. Excuse the pun but I am really “bullish” on Lamborghini’s right now. We have just delivered the Jarama which blew me away at how fast, capable, stable and most importantly, interesting to look at!

Lambo Uracco P250

Lamborghini Uracco

Uracco Upholstery, rear seats

Uracco Seats




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328GTB in Italy

Having sold the 1988 328 that I bought at Bonhams last January, I have the itch to get another one. My friend in Italy found this excellent red/tan car in his neighborhood and I bought it last week. It will be great to get it here because this is a European specification car with more power which will be fun to compare to the U.S. spec cars that we have enjoyed so much.

Sharing the container with this 328 GTB is a 308GTB “Carter Secco” that I have purchased for re-sale so stay tuned to this blog and my website for updates.

328GTB Euro Spec

Ferrari 328GTB

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512BB Ferrari

A few weeks ago Bill told me about a few Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer coming up for sale and since the timing was right, I pulled the trigger and bought it. When it arrived, I was kind of disappointed with the paint but very impressed with the rest of the car, the interior is great, dash is perfect and it drives like new. It constantly reinforces how much I like BB512′s with carburetors.

Ferrari 512BB Berlinetta Boxer

Ferrari Boxer

One of the most interesting things about this car is the perfectly preserved tool case. These are extremely delicate items that often get kicked around or left in a damp location to get moldy and break down but this is one of the best I have seen, testament to the original and well kept condition of the car.

Tool Case for Ferrari 512BB

Ferrari Boxer Tool Case

I am working on honing in my video skills and equipment to make more videos of the cars, here is one of my first attempts to make a short and simple video of this car.





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Lamborghini Countach

The Iconic Countach, every guy under the age of 40 years old had a poster of this car on his wall. But even old men and 7 year old girls can’t take their eyes off this car. This is a 1986 Countach with downdraft carburetors which typifies the look with the red paint, phone dial wheels and rear wing however, the earlier and more rare Periscopio  LP400 cars are consistently selling for $1.5 or higher. My friend Serg just found a LP400 “Periscopio” car for me in Italy which we quickly secured and now I am doing a deal on a silver 1975 LP400 so I am officially in the Lamborghini business.

5000S Downdraught Weber 1986

Lambo Countach 5000S

Lamborghini Countach LP400 1975

1975 LP400 Lamborghini Countach

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Alfa Romeo Zagato 2600

We are very close to finishing up the body work on the Alfa Romeo 2600 Zagato after some hassles on getting information on this rare car. This car was very rusty as though it came out of the Long Island Sound but now the body is all steel again and its going to be sealed and painted to make it last forever. The car was built with layers and layers of steel sandwiched together in certain areas which caused massive puffy rusted sections on the bottom of the doors and rocker panels.

We also had to remedy some accident damage and make a bunch of missing trim and even the front turn signal marker lights. Thankfully I found lenses but couldn’t find the bulb holder assemblies so we had to make these as well as bumpers, a full trunk lid and other parts.

Alfa 2600 SSZ

Zagato Alfa Romeo Restoration

1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Zagato

Alfa Romeo 2600 Zagato 1966

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1969 Porsche 911T Tangerene

Over the last few years, I have located a few Porsche’s with some great documentation including original sales invoices and service history from new. There was a silver 1972 Porsche 911T Coupe that had the bill of sale from Malcolm Pray Porsche in CT. to the first owner. In the folder were a number of other service receipts from new.

I then purchased a 1968 912 with all kinds of service history from new and nearly every receipt from new noting everything from oil changes to every gas fill up and notes on gas mileage.

Last winter I bought a 1960 Porsche 356 Roadster with the original sales invoice from a Distributor in Germany, Ruffay Porsche to the first owner in the USA.

Sales Order Porsche 356 Roadster

Porsche Roadster Sales Document

The newest car is a 1969 Porsche 911T Coupe in the original color of Tangerene. It has the sales receipt from Porsche North America in New Jersey to Breen VW/Porsche in Illinois. It has the invoice from Breen Porsche to the original owner and every invoice from that day forward. This is an outstanding car with the original matching numbers 2.2 liter long block in a crate and an enhanced correct  type engine in the chassis. This car is incredibly fast and properly set up so it performs like a Carrera 2.7RS.

Porsche 911T Invoice from Porsche NA

1969 Invoice from Porsche

Breen VW/Porsche 1969

Sales invoice for Porsche 1969

1969 Porsche 911T Coupe

2.2 911T Coupe 1969.

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Ferrari 308 Upholstery

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, this 308GTB came in with crazy red fabric on the seat inserts. I have never seen anything like this before, they are typically all leather. This is a very original 1978 308 GTB and I have no reason to think that it isn’t original. Even the mass produced Ferraris have little differences here and there.

308GTB Seats

Corduroy Ferrari Seat

Seat for 308GTB Red Fabric

308GTB Seat Upholstery

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Its Spring in the Northeast

So everyone is desperate for their cars. Every one of these cars needs so much to make sure they are safe and dependable for the summer driving season. They always need more than expected so it can be frustrating at times.

I hope you enjoy the photos. All three cars in the bottom photo are from 1967, isn’t that amazing? Which would you choose?

Ferrari, Healey

Original interior, paint Miura S

Miura S, totally original


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  1. Rob said,

    May 24, 2014 @ 11:34 am

    I’ll take the 330 please!

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1983 Porsche 911SC Coupe

I recently purchased this 1983 Porsche 911SC Coupe and am just thrilled about how nice this car is.  There are a few visual cues that prove that its a European Production car such as the narrow bumper over-riders to fit the long license plate and rectangular side markers on the front fenders.  This car has  low miles and flawless paint and spectacular original interior that is testament to the care this car has received over the years. Its currently in Orlando Florida and in a few days I’ll fly in and drive it to Amelia Island for the big show and Auctions on March 6-9. It’ll be so great to get out of the Northeast after this brutal winter.

If you are at the Amelia Island festivities this week, look out for this car and grab a card off the windshield wiper, I’d like you to take it for a spin and get your feedback.

017 019 020 022

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  1. Rob said,

    March 4, 2014 @ 12:30 pm

    I’m definately jealous Amelia Island is on my bucket list but I’ll be stuck here in Vt this march hey somebody has to deal with all this snow! Hope you enjoy the show and the warm weather!

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Porsche 964 Speedster

1994 Porsche Speedster

1994 Porsche Speedster

IMG_0871 IMG_0872

This is a unique car that a friend has asked me to sell. This is a spectacular example that needs nothing to be driven this Spring.


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