Interesting 308GTB Interior

After posting about the “Fran Tarkington” 308 interior, it reminded me about the other 308GTB that I bought this year with the red corduroy upholstery on the seats. Do you think this is original? Its too cool and Italian to NOT be original!

Unique interior in cloth Ferrari 308

Ferrari 308GTB Cloth Interior

Cloth Upholstery Ferrari 308

Ferrari 308GTB Red cloth Upholstery

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Late Production Ferrari 308GTB

Even though this is a 1979 Ferrari 308GTB, it has the next series GTBi (fuel injected) type of interior. At first I though it may have been changed to the more contemporary pattern but I thought that with the low miles, it was likely original. I bought the car from a guy in Kansas and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived because it had a super complete book and tool pouch. When I opened the warranty book, I found that it was sold new to Francis Tarkington! Kind of cool even though I am not into football. Why didn’t I keep this car?

Original owner Fran Tarkington

Francis Tarkington Warranty Card

1980 carburettor 308GTB

308GTB 1980

Later model 308GTB interior in a 1980

308GTB Interior


  1. Rob said,

    January 15, 2015 @ 8:31 am

    You didn’t keep it because I bet someone offered you a lot of $$$ for it LOL!! That’s interesting with the interior I’ve never seen the newer interior on a carb car.

  2. Christian Scott said,

    January 18, 2015 @ 10:14 am

    Do you have any pictures of the headliner? My early GTBi had a simple dome light like the carb cars but later ones had more of a map light arrangement I think.

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Ferrari 206 Dino

This is a lovely Dino 206 that arrived earlier this fall. It has had a ton of service including a full engine overhaul but it never ran well. We did a little carburetor tuning and checked over some items and couldn’t pin point what was going on.

Rolf disassembled the distributor and found this disaster, totally worn out flyweight pivots. They shouldn’t be “C” shaped, they should pivot on the pin with a close tolerance round hole. Once we installed new weights and dialed in the advance curve, the engine ran like a champion.

206′s are my favorite of all Ferraris, so small and delicate and stunningly beautiful. I am working on purchasing a few of them, one of which has a racing Stratos “Doppia Accensione” or “twin plug” engine. Once I sell the 206 at the Gooding auction this January, I hope to have the money to buy this other car.

Distributor advance weights

Ferrari 206 Ignition Distributor

Dino 206 Scaglietti

Ferrari 206 Dino

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Elephant Sculpture

Here is a cool sculpture that my brother made, its so intense. That his nephew Roman, standing in front of it.

Full Scale Elephant Sculpture

Metal Elephant Sculpture

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  1. Christian Scott said,

    January 14, 2015 @ 9:50 am

    That’s incredible! Years ago on my first trip to your shop, one of his giraffes was out front. Who would have guessed the automotive works of art that were hidden beshind the barn doors?

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Lamborghini Periscopica

Its really hard to explain why the early Lamborghini Countach LP400 is called a “Periscopica” or Periscope without standing in front of it. Since there are so few cars in existence and you don’t see them every day, I thought I would show some close up photos on the car  I recently purchased in Italy. Later this month, the it should be here at the shop.

Early Lambo Periscopica

Lamborghini LP400

Look in the center of the roof, see the recessed channel, in the front of that channel is a little piece of glass. When sitting in the drivers seat and looking in the rear view mirror, you look through this little piece of glass to the rear of the car. Visibility is so horrible out of the back of the car so they felt that this was a good solution. For some reason, it was not continued on the later Countach’s

1975 Lamborghini LP400 Countach

Lamborghini LP400 Countach

This photo shows how deep the channel is.

Countach LP400 Headliner

Ceiling shot of the “periscope”

Here is a horrible blurry shot of the headliner and how the glass looks.

Periscopica LP400 Glass

Glass at the front of the Periscope

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Ferrari 195 Ghia

When people hear the name Ghia, they think “Karmann Ghia”, the little Volkswagen that looks sporty even though it is based on the ubiquitous Beetle. What most people don’t know is that Ghia was a body building shop in Italy that also had a prolific design department in house. Karmann is a body building factory in Germany who actually built the VW’s.

There were a number of early Ferraris with bodies built and designed by Ghia and the photo of this dash is one of them. What makes a Ferrari a Ferrari is the beautiful bodywork designed and built by other companies! I have long felt that there should be a Pininfarina or Scaglietti badge on the nose of a Ferrari because they did most of the work to make Ferrari an icon

Anyhow, Ghia seemed to sneak their logo on the cars more than other companies. Look at how the horn push has a “G” and not the Ferrari Horse. Go Ghia! This car is in the shop for a full restoration after sitting idle since the mid 60′s. We are very excited about this project. I think that this Ghia built Ferrari is one of the best looking early Ferraris, its really well proportioned and seems to fit the chassis really well. Stay tuned for more photos of this project

195 Ferrari Ghia

Ghia Ferrari 195

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Ferrari 275GTB/4

We had some magnificent cars at the shop this fall and broke out our video gear to film the cars going down the road. When filming, the motto is “hurry up and wait” so I had some time to take photos of the cars.

Ferrari 275 and 330's

Ferraris from the 60′s

Ferrari 275 GTB/4

GTB/4 Ferrari


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  1. Rob said,

    January 6, 2015 @ 8:31 am

    Love to see some videos!

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Ferrari Steering Gearboxes

Earlier this year, a good customer drove to the shop in his 1967 Ferrari 330GTC for some service work and asked me to critique the way his car handles. We went for a spin and I immediately understood what he was talking about, when entering a curve it took lots of “input” in order navigate a corner and even go straight down the road. I use the word “navigate” because it handles like a boat.

We have had the suspension aligned and he had it aligned at his local shop a few times in an attempt to remedy this problem but it still steers super slowl. We compared it to a few other cars that day which validated our feelings, there was something wrong with his car.

Ferrari used ZF steering boxes in all of the cars from the mid 50′s through to the Daytona in the early 70′s.  A 1:20 ratio was chosen for the 330GTC but the 275GTB of the same year used a faster 1:17 ratio. My solution was to buy a brand new 1:17 worm gear to replace the 1:20 and see how it goes down the road.

The handling was transformed and it finally felt like a sports car. The 1:17 ratio was the perfect match for the car, even the steering effort at parking speed wasn’t compromised. I really don’t understand why the 330 got the slower steering but I have since changed the ratio in three other GTC’s. If you have a 330GTC or even a 330 GT 2+2, you’ve got to install this faster ratio steering box, you will love the transformation

Ferrari 330 Steering Box

330GTC Steering Gear Box

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Lamborghini Uracco

If you look at the Uracco script on the back of this car, it looks like it spells the work Tacco! So, we call this car the Taco. This is my new favorite car, its so interesting, usable, fun, ugly, pretty. It has 4 seats so my kids can go for a ride. It has the coolest interior of all time, these block pattern seats and turn signal/high low switch sticking straight out of the dash instead of being on the steering column. The steering wheel is dished so deep yet your arms are still fully outstretched to reach it, I could go on and on about the gauge and switch layout and the crazy industrial feel of the shifter. Great car.

This is a Uracco P250 with the 2.5 liter V8 which has the same cosmetic details as the earlier P200 and a bigger engine. The P300 had updated seats that aren’t as cool and started getting bigger rubber bumpers and things that detracted from the appeal of this model. The engine is outstanding and is probably one of the best sounding V-8′s I have ever heard. The transmission shifts perfectly, the handling is seamless and ride quality is outstanding.

Lamborghini’s are amazing because they are extremely dynamic, avant-garde cars but they seem to have a sense of humor, they take styling to the edge and push a little more without seeming “precious”. Excuse the pun but I am really “bullish” on Lamborghini’s right now. We have just delivered the Jarama which blew me away at how fast, capable, stable and most importantly, interesting to look at!

Lambo Uracco P250

Lamborghini Uracco

Uracco Upholstery, rear seats

Uracco Seats




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328GTB in Italy

Having sold the 1988 328 that I bought at Bonhams last January, I have the itch to get another one. My friend in Italy found this excellent red/tan car in his neighborhood and I bought it last week. It will be great to get it here because this is a European specification car with more power which will be fun to compare to the U.S. spec cars that we have enjoyed so much.

Sharing the container with this 328 GTB is a 308GTB “Carter Secco” that I have purchased for re-sale so stay tuned to this blog and my website for updates.

328GTB Euro Spec

Ferrari 328GTB

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