MG PA, very early car

I am not sure the age of this little thing but it is a very early MG, model PA. I would like to learn more about the car so if anyone wants to add what they know it would be outstanding.

What I do know about the car is that it is a blast to drive and a beautifully made little machine. The transmission is exposed as you sit in and drive the carĀ  so you can see the nice castings and hear every mechanical noise whether it be a rocker arm tapping, gears meshing or the whirling of the rotating parts.

The car is so easy to drive and extremely responsive to where I wonder if MG went seriously backward as they developed the “T” series cars such as the TC, TD, and TF’s. The proportions on this PA are similar to the TC but with these super tall and narrow wheels, this is an adorable little car.

Very early production MG

Very early production MG

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  1. Peter Gessler said,

    November 26, 2009 @ 11:59 am

    Well I just bought one of these little beautiful sportcars. Your PA has been produced between 1933-1935, and it’s so responsive because it has an overhead camshaft. Pls. get in touch with
    they will help you with all info you need out of the factory records. More helpfull links :
    Have fun

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