Ferrari 512BBI transmission

A few posts ago I reported on a 1984 Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer that had a knocking sound in second gear. It sounded to me like a bad cluster or a bearing with some debris caught in the race. When I jokingly called my main man Geof at Partsource (  asking him what he could sell me to fix the problem without disassembling the transmission, he told me that I was the 3rd person in the last month asking for the second gear cluster!

He wanted me to get him the acid etched part numbers on the gears to determine if they were shaved or ground gears but I said, “who cares if they are shaved or ground, I want a matched set of ground”.  Leave it to Ferrari to have even thought shaved gears would hold up to the torque that these parts need to withstand. By the way, if the odometer and the condition of this car is correct, there are less than 10,000 miles on this transmission! Great stuff! I could not find any acid etch numbers to confirm that the gears were shaved but I am sure that they were and not the higher quality ground gears.

As you can see in the photos, the smaller gear has many pits from metal fatigue, not from abuse or lack of lubrication, just poor quality materials and process. What a bummer.   Geof just located gears from a Testarossa transmission that cost a prohibitave amount of money but at least this transmission will not be apart for months and months while we wait for gears to be re-made!

Ferrari Boxer transmission repair

Ferrari Boxer transmission repair

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