Redneck Spring re-arch

Breaking its back

Breaking its back

Earlier this summer we had five (!) Austin Healey 3000′s in for service needing tons of small details addressed. Thankfully, nearly all the replacement parts are available for these cars and arrive the day after you order them through Victoria British, Moss Motors and my friend Mike Bounanduci in Vermont. Mike has some amazing new old stock stuff and has pulled a rabbit out of his hat on finding  odd parts for me on many occations. People complain that the reproduction parts are of low quality but i don’t care… the original parts were terrible as well and when you pay $15 for a complete gasket set for an overdrive unit or $9 for a thermostat housing, who cares if they aren’t perfect. We have had difficulty with repro brake and clutch hydraulics but when you pay $30 for a cylinder that has a 50% success rate, it beats the $250 clutch cylinder for a Ferrari with a 30% success rate!!!

Here is one reproduction item for the Healey that I don’t like. The rear leaf springs are too stiff and make the car ride high in the rear. A Healey with original springs has a nice ride but these replacements make the car feel like a empty boat trailer, in fact, maybe these are trailer springs that happen to fit the Healey.

Anyhow, after removing 2 leafs per spring pack, the car still rode high in the rear so here is how a redneck like me re-arches the springs to get the correct ride height and to get the LR on this car to be at the same height as the RR.

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