Mountain Mille – Day 1

Signs of things to come. Later we found 35˚F temps and 7" of snow

Signs of things to come. Later we found 35˚F temps and 7" of snow

After a drive to Long Island to pick up cars, and Philadelphia to drop off an incredible Velocette Thruxton motorbike, we finally made it to Hot Springs, Virginia and the colossal hotel resort, The Homestead. The hotel is rich with history and while lobby alone is massive, a series of parlor rooms runs its length such that any small group can get away and feel as if they have their own private space. (Gallery after the jump)

We set up to begin a series of mechanical, electrical, and other repairs on a few vehicles before the rally began. Checking the charging system on one of the nicest Lamboghini Jalpa’s we’ve ever seen, repairing the Electromotive ignition on a Porsche 914/6, and the drivers window on a 330 GTC.

The Dish...

The Dish...

There were also a few repairs that didn’t surprise us. A beautiful 356 came by with a seat back that had become unscrewed. It was recently restored and the seat was likely “temporarily” installed without a good tightening. A quick hunt around the 30 or so screws that hold the interior door panels and the sill trim on showed many more screws that needed a final twist. A really nice 250 GTE came by with some carbs that the Ferrari dealer had been tuning. Unfortunately the dealer hasn’t been tuning carbs on new Ferrari models since the early-eighties, so we balanced them and dialed in the mixture.


The Homestead with a Porsche courtesy car out front - a Cayman R no less


Driver's Meeting led by Rich Taylor of Vintage Rallies.

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