1966 Ferrari 330 GT

Grigio Notte Ferrari

Ferrari Grigio Notte

Earlier this week I visited the passionate owner of this extremely nice 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 in its original color called Grigio Notte. Typical of Italian Style and complexity, Grigio Notte (dark silver) has a tiny drop of green mixed in to give it that exotic hue unlike “grey” colors that you see on other cars.

The owner picked me up at the airport and we drove the spirited car about 25 miles to a friends shop and then to his house to check out all the other parts and documentation he has acquired with the car over the last few years. After all this we went to an outstanding BBQ joint where Nachos were based on thick cut potato chips with beef brisket and the shrimp sandwich was out of this world.

I was blown away at how well the Ferrari drove with a very strong engine, smooth drive shaft and all electrical components working as they are intended. Equally amazing was the ownership history and service documentation that the owner pulled together as well as the often missing handbooks and pouch to make this a very complete and sorted car.

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