Ferrari Fontana Bodies

Ferrari Fontana

Aluminum Ferrari Bodywork

Fontana Ferrari Padua

Ferrari Coach-built Body

Here are two cars that have been together for over 50 years. The unfinished aluminum body is rumored to have been on Ferrari 340 America serial number 0030MT, a car raced for a number of years by the Marzotto team in the early 50′s. The red painted car, chassis number 0086 was a Marzotto Team car as well and in the mid-50′s the body (the bare aluminum one in the photo) came off the chassis 0030 and was fitted to 0086. Who the hell knows why but it looked ridiculous because chassis 0030 was inches longer than 0086 so the wheels didn’t line up in the fender openings.

In the 1952 Mille Miglia, chassis number 0086 was cloaked in a body identical to the one we made for the car which is shown in this photo. So I suppose these two Fontana cars will be together for another half-century or more.

Confusing enough?

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  1. brian knox said,

    April 12, 2012 @ 11:55 am

    these cars are so poetic.

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