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Projects at the shop

Projects at the shop 2013

We have been pleasantly busy lately, our shop is well staffed by some of the greatest mechanics I could imagine, Nate, Casey and Rolf are hard working, reliable, super skilled, plus they won’t accept doing a job unless they can do it absolutely correctly. I’ve given myself permission to throw them under the bus when a customer asks me to do a “quick fix”  like an “in chassis” valve job on a Ferrari V-12 or fix only the rear brakes on a car without going through the whole system. I tell the customer, “If I asked my guys to do the job to any standard below their own, they will make me do it!

These are old cars that have so many design flaws from new and added to that list, they are 50-60 years old (or more) plus there is no telling what has been done to the car before we worked on it. A very good customer brought in a spectacular Ferrari 250 with a fresh engine overhaul and very well sorted chassis. There was a significant oil leak coming from the number 7 exhaust port and we found that the guide was rattling and loose in the head. The owner asked if we could fix the problem without removing the engine to which my reply was, “If I asked my guys to do this job without removing the engine and inspecting everything, they’ll make me do it.

Anyhow, we found all kinds of other problems in the engine like a loose oil pump pick up tube, the weak/cruddy roller followers with bushings,  the timing chest bearings were the cheap type that were falling apart and the head gaskets were leaking! Knowing that Nate was on the project, I was confident that our customer would be happy with a solid, reliable engine that wasn’t leaking all over the floor! I could write dozens of stories like this but my point is that I really appreciate the work these guys do and feel so confident that the job is being done correctly.

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