Jaguar XKE 3.8 Coupe

Series I 3.8 Jaguar XKE

Series I 3.8 Jaguar XKE

Last August when I was in Monterrey, one of my customers asked me to keep an eye out for a Jaguar XKE Series I Coupe for him. There were probably 50 XKE Roadsters mixed into the various Auctions but the only Coupe was at the Gooding sale and it was a magnificent black/red S-I 4.2.  After lots of prodding, I convinced my customer to let me take it to $95,000 but the billionaires were happy to take her to $148,000!

It makes sense that the coupes are raising in value because you rarely see them for sale, last year there were probably 50 roadsters at the auctions in CA.  but coupes are rarely seen. Since last August, Gooding has sold a number of S-I Coupes for well over $100,000 which makes me think that maybe these are $150K cars! I’ve always loved the look of the coupes whether they are the S-I or S-II versions and think that Jaguar XKE’s offer the best performance for the money out there.

So, back to my customer. In late April, I found this car, a late production S-I 3.8 in Florida. He asked me to set up a Pre-Purchase Inspection and handle all of the details of the sale and if the car was described accurately he’d buy it. I sent my own money as a deposit and signed an intent to purchase contract and had it transported to a Jaguar Specialist for inspection. The day that the inspection report was sent to me was the same day that my customer was in a serious car accident and was in a medically induced coma for weeks. He was really hurt and it will be probably years before he can drive again but has recovered amazingly well!

Since I signed the intent to purchase contract and sent the deposit, I reluctantly bought the car, nervous because I can’t really afford it and paid “full retail” for it!

Well, its here now and I am super impressed with every little detail on the car.  The paint is wonderful, the interior is original and lovely and the floors and bodywork are totally original and solid. The door and hood gaps are spot on, all of the engine detailing is correct and it has all of the books and tools suggests careful and conscientious ownership from day one.

BRG XKE 3.8 Coupe for sale

XKE S-I 3.8 Coupe Interior

3.8 Coupe Engine

Engine for XKE 3.8 Coupe



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