Ferrari 512BB For Sale

After a few months of negotiation, I finally got this 512 Berlinetta Boxer into the shop from the Midwest. The car is very nice, a clean example with a legitimate 28,000 miles on the odometer. Even though the timing belts are well past their service life, I took the car down the road for a gentle test drive to see how the all of the components worked and was very impressed. The gear change into 2nd is smooth, shocks and brakes work very well and the steering is tight and responsive.  The engine is super strong but I wasn’t about to really crank on it knowing that the belts are factory original!

This car needs very little to be driven and enjoyed and in a few weeks I’ll yank the engine out of the chassis and get the belts and tensioner bearing changed, check the valve clearance and overhaul the water pump. While its out, I’ll address other things like the fuel hoses, clean the engine bay and re-paint a few items. I’m thinking of installing new Michelin XWX tires on the wheels and re-painting a few things on the body but I’m not going to go too crazy restoring anything

Carburetted Ferrari 512

BB 512 Ferrari

Late Production Carbureted BB

Weber Carburetor Ferrari BB512

A year ago I sold the blue 1979 BB512 and this spring I bought a 1982 Berlinetta Boxer in Mexico and imported it through the Laredo World Bridge Crossing. What a ride that was! Anyhow, I really like these cars and feel that they are a great value for the performance and rarity. With the instantaneous throttle response from the 4 Weber IF3C Carburetors and tons of low end torque, there aren’t any Ferrari’s that match the thrilling performance of one of these Carburetor equipped BB’s.

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