Late Production Ferrari 308GTB

Even though this is a 1979 Ferrari 308GTB, it has the next series GTBi (fuel injected) type of interior. At first I though it may have been changed to the more contemporary pattern but I thought that with the low miles, it was likely original. I bought the car from a guy in Kansas and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived because it had a super complete book and tool pouch. When I opened the warranty book, I found that it was sold new to Francis Tarkenton! Kind of cool even though I am not into football. Why didn’t I keep this car?

Original owner Fran Tarkington

Francis Tarkenton Warranty Card

1980 carburettor 308GTB

308GTB 1980

Later model 308GTB interior in a 1980

308GTB Interior

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  1. Rob said,

    January 15, 2015 @ 8:31 am

    You didn’t keep it because I bet someone offered you a lot of $$$ for it LOL!! That’s interesting with the interior I’ve never seen the newer interior on a carb car.

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