1991 BMW M5

BMW came out with the E34 M5 when I was in those impressionable teenage years, unknowingly lusting for cars I would buy 25 years later!  Well, here I am, have the M5 and now looking to re-sell it. This car is truly outstanding and I really like it but it doesn’t fit into my life very well right now. With two kids, 3 dogs, lots of sports cars and pickup trucks at my disposal, I never use this car. Its so outstanding to drive and behold that it should be used more frequently.

This example is a late production car with the cool 5 star twist wheels and shows 116,000 miles on the odometer. The interior is in amazing condition without the door panel problems or major scuffs and rips.  The rear “shelf” under the rear window is a little wrinkly and the drivers door has been re-painted but the rest of the car is in immaculate original condition. This car has to be seen and driven to understand how special and robust a hand built BMW can be.

E34 BMW M5 for sale

BMW M5 1991 for sale

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