Lamborghini Urraco Engine Out Belt Service

While the Lamborghini Urraco didn’t overwhelm anyone in any way, be it journalists or sales numbers, I think they’re outstanding cars. Its fun to think of cars that were total flops to the general public but mechanics and engineers appreciate beyond reason.

The Urraco is my favorite car. I love the strange Bertone styled body and the crazy blocky seats, deep dish steering wheel and extremely user friendly interior. People compare it to the Ferrari 308GT/4 but I know better! Its just as ugly (or uglier) than the GT/4 but its better engineered with a lightweight unit-body and simple and lightweight McPherson struts on each corner. The Ferrari is a super heavy unit-body welded to a heavy tube frame and has unbelievably heavy and complicated suspension corners. The Ferrari 308 and Urraco both have 14″ wheels but they beautiful Lambo wheels are 1/3 the weight.

There are few jobs worse than removing an engine on a Ferrari 308, you’ve got to pull it up and twist and pitch it to keep from breaking the back window. On the Urraco, you just remove a few bolts and the rear subframe drops out with the engine directly in front of you on its own stand! This isn’t Lamborghini’s invention, I’ve seen this awesome design on Lancia from the late 1950s but Ferrari didn’t incorporate this design until 10 years later on the Testarossa.

I’ve always liked how Lamborghini¬† designed the layout of the engine and transmissions on their cars. The Miura copied the Mini Cooper where the transmission housing is cast into the side of the engine block to make an ultra compact unit and short unit. The Urraco is like a VW Rabbit where the transmission is off to the side all in an effort to keep the center of gravity low and everything accessible.¬† The Countach is like nothing else where the transmission is under your elbow as you drive the car and there’s a shaft that runs at an angle back to a differential deep under the front of the engine. Maybe not the best design but super cool! Lamborghini’s are fantastic.

I’m sorry about the dark and lame photos, I can email clearer photos if you request them.

Engine and transmission Lambo Urraco

Lambo Urraco engine on sub-frame

Subframe and engine P250 Urraco

P250 Urraco Engine Subframe

Block style upholstery on a Lambo Urraco

Lamborghini 4 seater, blocky upholstery

Urraco Suspension

Very simple and effective McPherson Strut suspension



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