Ford “Woodie” Station Wagon

Ford Woodie Wagon 1938

’38 Ford Woodie Wagon

Front end of Ford Woodie

Ford Woodie Station Wagon

These old Station Wagons are so cool, 3 rows of seats, Flat Head V-8, Wooden bodies! So cool. This car is in the shop for minor work and then we are going to sell it so let me know if you are interested.

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Ford GT

Ford GT 2005

2005 Ford GT Red with White Stripes

We take care of a few Ford GT’s at our shop but this one has really stopped me in my tracks. While I like interesting colors, I am not into flashy colors but this GT in red looks incredible. This car has only 500 miles and is unmarked in every way. We sold it to one of our best customers who is just as blown away by the car as I am.

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1977 Ford F-250 Pickup

Ford High Boy Pickup

1977 Ford F-250 Pickup

Branden found this 1977 Ford F250 Pickup for me a few weeks ago, I’ve been looking for another truck to replace the 1968 F250 that I sold this summer. This truck is super clean and solid and I am looking forward to getting it here so I can make sure everything works properly and use it next summer. Thanks again Branden!

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1997 Ford Powerstroke Diesel

Ford Powerstroke for sale

1997 Powerstroke Diesel For Sale

Since I am desperate to get some inventory here at the shop, my old pal Branden found me this spectacular one owner 1997 Ford Powerstroke Pickup. These are such attractive trucks and have a bit of a cult following among the 20 year old country boys around here. I think I can sell this and make a little money so I can keep these clean Western Trucks coming east.

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Getting Closer on the 8N Ford

Ford 8N Restored with new parts and finishes

Read to run Restored Ford 8N

The Ford 8N is nearly complete and now that the distributor bushing is installed and governor overhauled, it should be ready for spring planting.  I’m not sure which one of us is brave enough to highlight the FORD script on the hood and fenders in Vermillion Red, but once that’s done it will mark the projects completion.


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It Takes Tons of Patience to Finish Things

Operations at the shop have been very slow for the last few weeks, after blasting things apart last fall we now have to put them back together which gets very tedious. No matter how much we try to account for every little detail, there are always a host of things that slip through the cracks. The Ford Tractor project has been halted until we make a new sewing thimble sized bushing for the distributor and the Lusso engine was nearly complete until Nate told me we were missing the fuel rail. It turns out that it had been at the chrome shop for the last 6 months, slamming on the brakes.

About 2 years ago a guy called me to ask how much I charge to overhaul a Porsche 356 engine. I gave him some rough estimates and didn’t hear from him for 2 years. In October he called me to say he was on his way up with the car to drop it off for the job!

A 356 engine is straightforward enough but nothing is ever simple at our shop. The car is a 1956 356 “A” Coupe the serial number on the engine timing cover revealed that it was from a 1962 356 “B”. I ordered all kinds of parts for the overhaul procedure but when it came to assembly time, the crankshaft main and rod bearings were incorrect. It turns out that the timing cover was from a “B” but the two case halves were the original 356 “A” parts that have many little but significant differences.

With a great deal of patience and tenacity, Casey has gotten the engine together and it will be ready for a test run soon. This engine needed everything, the sheet metal was rusted and the complete exhaust from the “J” pipes back was deteriorated beyond usefulness. While not detailed to a super high standard, the engine looks great

Overhauled Porsche 356 engine

Porsche 356 engine rebuilt


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1977 Ford F-250

'72 Ford Pickup

Clean and rust free Ford Pickup

Is this U.S. Forest Service Green? My Friend Bill  bought this super clean Arizona based truck to haul his equally unique Chris Chance Racing Bicycle. Overkill? He’s going to do some work to tidy a few details up and will probably want to re-sell it so if you’re interested, let me know.

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The Red Belly is Coming Along Nicely

All the sheet metal is painted and the chassis is nearly finished. We are going to start to throw some big pieces at this 1951 Ford 8N pretty soon and I’ll keep you posted on the progress. The gray painted sheet metal parts look a hell of a lot better than they did from new but at least it will hold up for years without burning off in the sun.

It makes me think that building up a simple tractor like this is the opposite of building a house. With a house you start with the big, dramatic task of framing and finish off with the small details like base boards and electrical outlet covers. With a tractor, you start with small bearings and gears and build it up and out into larger and larger components and finish with the big Dumbo Ear fenders and art deco hood and elegant grille.

Red Belly 8N

8N Ford Tractor

8N on the wheels

Restored Ford 8N on wheels

Ford 8N Sheet Metal Gray

Ford 8n Gray Hood



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Ford 8N Parts for Sandblasting

Ford 8N Rear Clamshell

Ready to be blasted

These parts are going to be sandblasted and re-finish in the Dove Gray paint used on Ford 8N tractors. Some of the later machines had a more “tan” or “buttery” gray paint when the earlier machines used a cooler shade of gray. We are currently working on the exact shade of red for the undercarriage which should be a little more tomato orange than blood red.


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A Mass Produced Magnificent Little Machine

What other machine out there can be described as Mass Produced, Economical, Beautifully Made and Iconic? This Ford 8N tractor is magnificent in its simplicity, its build quality as well as overall clean appearance with a wonderful color combination. The 8N tractors are affectionately known as “Red Bellies” because the drive-line castings are a deep vermillion red matched to dove gray sheet metal. This tractor was passed to the current owner in PA from his uncle here in VT who was the only one who ever drove it. The sheet metal is perfectly straight and all the parts like the original lights, gauges and tires are still on the tractor which is testament to the careful usage by Uncle Edward.

Well Preserved Ford 8N Tractor

Well Preserved 8N

Final drive casting 8N Ford

Ford 8N Final drive casting

Ring Gear, Diff for Ford 8N

Differential and Ring Gear for 8N Ford

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