Three Very Cool Cars, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar

I just wanted to share some photos of a few cars that are kind of the same era. The D-Type is a replica in Aluminum and probably one of the most fun cars to drive at the shop.

D-type and SWB

Ferrari SWB and Jaguar D-Type

Aston Martin and Ferrari 1961

Ferrari SWB and Aston DB4

Ferrari and Jaguar Competition cars

D-Type and SWB

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Super Original Jaguar XKE

Last fall, a customer asked me to check out a cool 1966 Jaguar XKE Roadster on Ebay. I contacted the seller who told me that his father purchased the car when new and it has never been out of the family. We bought the car, shipped it to the shop and did a bunch of work to make it a perfect driving yet very original example. The interior is incredibly well preserved but the carpets were a few random threads so we replaced the main carpets and left the rest of the original “Hardura” and that velvety stuff in the back area. We have spent a ton of time behind the wheel of this XKE and it is one of the best we have had. It has a supple original feel while feeling super crisp and responsive. Everything works perfectly on this car except the original hazy window in the convertible top that you can’t see through. This is a very special matching numbers example with a perfect original tool roll and lots of little details that would make a Jaguar expert very happy. Even though the owner loves this car, he has some college expenses coming up and is ready to sell the car.

I have tons of photos of this car including the tool kit and other details so let me know if you would like more information or specific shots. The tool roll is like a little treasure that you have to carefully unwrap to see the delicate Dunlop tin brake bleeder kit and all of the clunky tools. So cool.

Dunlop Brake Bleeder Tin

XKE Tool Roll for Jaguar


Series I 4.2 Jaguar XKE

1966 Jaguar XKE Roadster 4.2

XKE Roadster OTS S-I 4.2

Jaguar XKE Series I 4.2 Roadster


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Jaguar XKE Roadster and Coupe

We just got a few Jaguar XKE’s for our inventory, a green 1966 XKE Series I Roadster and a 1971 Series II Coupe. I first saw this Roadster this spring at a friend’s shop in PA. and stupidly didn’t just buy it right then and there. Anyhow, now its here and looking splendid in its British Racing Green with Biscuit Leather color combination and wonderful overall condition. There has been so much interest in XKE’s lately that I have a few other ones on back burner so let me know if you are interested in purchasing one. I purchased a low miles 1966 Roadster in CA, have a lead on a 1966 4.2 Coupe and a friend in Florida has two magnificent S-I Roadsters, both confirmed 100 point JCNA Judged cars.

The red car came in from Ohio and its an incredibly straight, solid and complete car. I did a blog post on it a week ago but now that its at the shop I wanted to share some better photos of the car. This XKE Coupe has some cosmetic issues that I will may deal with but the mechanical condition is outstanding. The engine was overhauled recently, transmission shifts perfectly, final drive is silent, its simply a great driving XKE. The floors and rocker panels are totally solid and all of the bright trim and glass is perfect so any work to clean up the paint or interior will be well matched to a sound driving car.

Later this week I am going to get some photos of the undercarriage to share with anyone who is interested.

XKE Roadster in BRG

British Racing Green XKE

1971 XKE Coupe Jaguar

XKE Series II Coupe 1971

S-I and S-II XKE's For Sale

Series I and II Jaguar XKE’S



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1971 Jaguar XKE Coupe

Jaguar XKE S-II Coupe

Jaguar XKE Coupe 4.2

The Series I 3.8 Coupe sold recently so we just purchased this very nice and original Series II Coupe. Peter is leaving early next week to pick up the car and get it here for a check up. The car is supposed to be in very good driving condition but as you can imagine, it is going to need some things. Let me know if you want more information on this wonderful XKE!

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Jaguar XK-C Replica

One of our good customers purchased this Jaguar C-Type Replica and promptly brought it to us for some much needed repairs. It had the basic hit list, oil leaks, bad radiator core, sticking brakes but after a few months of work we got it back on the road and I was really impressed. The engine is in excellent condition and runs perfectly with three Weber DCOE Carburetors,  the transmission shifts perfectly and I was blown away when the Overdrive Unit worked just as its supposed to. We take care of a Jaguar D-Type and I would consider this to be nearly as fun as that car.

The owner is spending some time behind the wheel to find out what else he wants done on the car but the list is minor except for one thing. The front suspension isn’t working correctly. I think it is out of a MK-II sedan but it has a steering rack from another car. This combination makes the it bump steer like crazy and the steering doesn’t seem progressive. The turn in is great but as you steer more into a corner it gets really “anxious”. Overall, its great for the public roads but for higher speed driving something has to be done.

3.4 Liter C-Type Replica

Jaguar XKC 3.4 liter

Proteus Replica Jaguar XKC

C-Type Proteus Replica


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Jaguar XKE 3.8 Coupe

Series I 3.8 Jaguar XKE

Series I 3.8 Jaguar XKE

Last August when I was in Monterrey, one of my customers asked me to keep an eye out for a Jaguar XKE Series I Coupe for him. There were probably 50 XKE Roadsters mixed into the various Auctions but the only Coupe was at the Gooding sale and it was a magnificent black/red S-I 4.2.  After lots of prodding, I convinced my customer to let me take it to $95,000 but the billionaires were happy to take her to $148,000!

It makes sense that the coupes are raising in value because you rarely see them for sale, last year there were probably 50 roadsters at the auctions in CA.  but coupes are rarely seen. Since last August, Gooding has sold a number of S-I Coupes for well over $100,000 which makes me think that maybe these are $150K cars! I’ve always loved the look of the coupes whether they are the S-I or S-II versions and think that Jaguar XKE’s offer the best performance for the money out there.

So, back to my customer. In late April, I found this car, a late production S-I 3.8 in Florida. He asked me to set up a Pre-Purchase Inspection and handle all of the details of the sale and if the car was described accurately he’d buy it. I sent my own money as a deposit and signed an intent to purchase contract and had it transported to a Jaguar Specialist for inspection. The day that the inspection report was sent to me was the same day that my customer was in a serious car accident and was in a medically induced coma for weeks. He was really hurt and it will be probably years before he can drive again but has recovered amazingly well!

Since I signed the intent to purchase contract and sent the deposit, I reluctantly bought the car, nervous because I can’t really afford it and paid “full retail” for it!

Well, its here now and I am super impressed with every little detail on the car.  The paint is wonderful, the interior is original and lovely and the floors and bodywork are totally original and solid. The door and hood gaps are spot on, all of the engine detailing is correct and it has all of the books and tools suggests careful and conscientious ownership from day one.

BRG XKE 3.8 Coupe for sale

XKE S-I 3.8 Coupe Interior

3.8 Coupe Engine

Engine for XKE 3.8 Coupe



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Jaguar XKE Engine Overhaul

4.2 Liter XKE

Overhauled Jaguar XKE Engine

Its been years since we have overhauled a Jaguar engine and are pleasantly surprised at how many high quality parts are available for reasonable prices with instant availability. We have been struggling to get parts for Ferrari engines over the years, each piston set has to be custom made which takes 10 weeks, hardware isn’t available, what a pain to keep the motivation. The only thing that takes time on the Jaguar engine is scheduling time with a machine shop to hone the block, perform a valve job, and grind the crankshaft.

The shop that sold us the parts had Mahle Pistons sitting on the shelf and kits to replace all of the hardware, core plugs, sealing washers, lock tabs and timing chain guides and sprockets. We were all blown away at how little clearance needed for these Mahle pistons to fit into the block, only .02″!

Of course there is the labor at our shop, first removing the engine and breaking it down which makes a huge mess, then cleaning all of the parts in our awesome new hot water dunk tank. With Ferrari engines, we have to drill out (destroy) the crankshaft plugs in order to clean the passages but on the Jag, the plugs are re-usable. Plus the passages are huge and easy to clean, have a look at all the metallic sludge built up in there. We also removed the engine block core plugs and got the huge amount of rusty crud out of there.

The engine is almost finished now, probably by the end of next week it will be finished up and ready to test run. I’m excited to hear it run again.

Plugs in Jaguar Crank

Crankshaft full of Sludge

Block for Jaguar

XKE 4.2 Engine block



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Expertly Prepared XK-120 Jaguar

My father just completed the 2012 Mille Miglia with some friends and all I can muster is a photo of one of my favorite cars on the tour. I think we slept for a total of 6 hours over a course of 3 days and when you combine that with jet lag, I can hardly type this post.

This XK-120 is cool because not only is it well prepared mechanically, there is some artistic license to make it look sharp such as discrete exterior lighting and these huge holes on the hood. I especially like the interior, clean and purposeful while using some gorgeous materials and colors. Well done “Two Boars” racing!

XK-120 Jaguar Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia Prepared Jaguar

Jaguar XK-120 Roadster Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia XK-120 Roadster

XK-120 Jaguar Mille Miglia Prepared

Racing style Interior XK Jaguar

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XKE Jaguar Ready For a New Home

There was so much activity on this Jaguar that is sold quickly and effortlessly. I wish all deals were as seamless as this one. I like selling cars that are under no assumption of being operable, there aren’t any expectations of grandeur, it’s just an unemotional exchange of a commodity.

Delivering an XKE Jaguar

Transporting Jaguar XKE

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How Does the Jaguar XKE Look?

XKE underside front

Under the front engine area

XKE Roadster floors

Floors from an XKE Roadster

Bottom of the door

Drivers door bottom, solid

It looks very good to me, solid and straight. There is more “top rot” on the car than deterioration on the undercarriage.

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