Ferrari 250 GT Lusso Engine is Finished

Assembling a 250 engine

Ferrari 250 engine Assembly

Ferrari engine, 250 completed

Test run and complete


The Lusso engine is finished and running well. Nate did a nice job detailing it and once we take it off the stand we’ll do some more work to make it look super sharp. Mickey refinished the fuel rail that was mixed in with a huge order of 330 GTC and Maserati Ghibli parts and forgotten about for months but its all together now, making steam

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206 Dino

1969 Ferrari 206 GT Dino

Dino 206 GT Ferrari

On Thursday, my daughter Ruby and I are going to Europe to look at a car that I put a deposit on, this super rare and original 1969 Ferrari 206 GT.  When I asked her if she wanted to go she said “no” but I don’t care, she’s going with me. We’re flying into Vienna and renting a car to tour around a little and see a city that my friend Pete says is outstanding, Bratislava in the Czech Republic. Pete has traveled all over the globe and loves Eastern Europe so much that he has pitched his travel show idea to a number of networks in the last few weeks. This guy is a real character and I think he has a sure shot at being on T.V. with amazing stories that he’s posted on Motley Planet.

Anyhow, this car is supposed to be exceptionally original with low miles and only two owners from new. It even has the cheap orange crushed velour that is vaporized on almost all other 206′s which is testament to its originality.

If the car meets Ruby’s ultra critical standards, the freight forwarders I use in the Netherlands will get the car to Port Roosendaal for delivery to Port Elizabeth in New Jersey by vessel. Ruby and I will take a bunch of photos so we can share them while the car is locked in a container with containers of tulips and wooden clogs stacked on top and all around it for 3 weeks.



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The Red Belly is Coming Along Nicely

All the sheet metal is painted and the chassis is nearly finished. We are going to start to throw some big pieces at this 1951 Ford 8N pretty soon and I’ll keep you posted on the progress. The gray painted sheet metal parts look a hell of a lot better than they did from new but at least it will hold up for years without burning off in the sun.

It makes me think that building up a simple tractor like this is the opposite of building a house. With a house you start with the big, dramatic task of framing and finish off with the small details like base boards and electrical outlet covers. With a tractor, you start with small bearings and gears and build it up and out into larger and larger components and finish with the big Dumbo Ear fenders and art deco hood and elegant grille.

Red Belly 8N

8N Ford Tractor

8N on the wheels

Restored Ford 8N on wheels

Ford 8N Sheet Metal Gray

Ford 8n Gray Hood



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How Does the Jaguar XKE Look?

XKE underside front

Under the front engine area

XKE Roadster floors

Floors from an XKE Roadster

Bottom of the door

Drivers door bottom, solid

It looks very good to me, solid and straight. There is more “top rot” on the car than deterioration on the undercarriage.

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A Mass Produced Magnificent Little Machine

What other machine out there can be described as Mass Produced, Economical, Beautifully Made and Iconic? This Ford 8N tractor is magnificent in its simplicity, its build quality as well as overall clean appearance with a wonderful color combination. The 8N tractors are affectionately known as “Red Bellies” because the drive-line castings are a deep vermillion red matched to dove gray sheet metal. This tractor was passed to the current owner in PA from his uncle here in VT who was the only one who ever drove it. The sheet metal is perfectly straight and all the parts like the original lights, gauges and tires are still on the tractor which is testament to the careful usage by Uncle Edward.

Well Preserved Ford 8N Tractor

Well Preserved 8N

Final drive casting 8N Ford

Ford 8N Final drive casting

Ring Gear, Diff for Ford 8N

Differential and Ring Gear for 8N Ford

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Maserati Ghibli Project #2

Hi Jack, to answer your question, the car came to us as you see it and was transported by our creative and hard working friend Tom Munier from Exotic Car Transport in Orlando Florida. He and his driver are Saints for dealing with this move which as you can see is bulky and cumbersome with two 4″ by 8″ by 4″ tall crates and one slightly smaller crate. The car was on the “rotisserie” which seems like a well made unit but is the most awkward and impossible thing I have ever tried to move. Tom’s Car Transportation Company is one of the best in the business and I recommend everyone call him if you need a car moved (after you call me first).

We have to repair some things on the body and address every little part that bolts to this car. One of the guys spent the week categorizing many worn and broken parts and it seems that we have nearly everything especially the hard to find stuff like castings and interior trim. Some of the exterior trim is a little trashed but overall, we are starting from a complete deck of cards.

I have always liked the appearance of Maserati Castings because they looked like they were inspired by the human skeletal system. We had a Maserati A6GCS at the shop awhile ago and the rear axle center section casting looked like head protection for a man in armor. The A/C compressor bracket is a light and amazingly strong aluminum piece of beauty with rib like reinforcements and an odd use of negative space to keep things interesting.

Engine Block Casting Maserati V-8

Maserati V8 engine block

Sleeves for 4.9 Ghibli Spyder

Ghibli Spyder sleeves and crankshafts

Engine Parts for Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder

Ghibli SS engine parts

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The Interior is Finished

And it looks outstanding. We haven’t installed the front seats because we are working on a better set of seat belts but check in later for photos of the complete interior. The headliner looks amazing too, but Jim cursed the project because the material is much thicker and extremely difficult to work with, you’d never know by looking at the arrow straight pleats and detailing

Ox Blood leather

Ox blood leather Ferrari

Ferrari GT 2+2 Interior

Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 ox blood red leather

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308 GT/4 Dino

My plan was to remove the engine and perform a “major service” on the ’79 Ferrari 308 GT/4 but after a leak down test revealed that a few cylinders were weak, I decided to break it down. The combustion chamber leak was from a few valves that weren’t closing so I knew it needed a full valve job. When removing the main bearing caps to inspect the bearings, we found evidence of an improper line hone or some major grit which scratched the journal. It’s irritating because main and rod bearings are super expensive and I was hoping that we could just re-coat them for a fraction of the cost. The machine shop will check the cylinders and hopefully we wont need new pistons!

Nate inspected the transmission and found that 3 of the 5 synchros are worn to the limit so we need to spend another $2000 on the transmission! Yuck, why do I think I can purchase and make money on re-selling these cars?

Engine Ferrari 3.0

Engine Ferrari 3.0

BLock for Ferrari GT/4

308 GT/4 crankshaft

308 GT/4 crankshaft

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BMW Isetta

A friend of mine is looking to sell this BMW Isetta to free up some space for other cars. This is one of the best Isettas I have ever  seen because he had all the details done properly right. If you are looking for an Isetta let me know and I can connect you with the owner.

BMW Isetta for sale

BMW Isetta for sale

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Ferrari 330 GT 2+2

These 330′s look so spectacular to me when painted in a bright color like this light blue or silver. We’ve done tons of work to this car to make it run and drive better than it looks.

Something about the rear of the car, the “C” pillar area above the rear wheel looks so great, so clean and pure. How can you argue with Italian design!

Ferrari 330 GT Blue

Ferrari 330 GT Blue

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