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Peter Markowski on Jalopnik

Restoration and Performance Motorcars founder Peter Markowski tells us how it all started in this Jalopnik interview (click here). Special thanks to HittingRedline, of my favorite youtube channels, LeadFootyt, Michael Ballaban, and of course Opposite Lock on Jalopnik which is one of my favorite blogs (besides of course). Watch our video first, and then use the above links to blow the rest of your morning watching car videos and reading stories.

Published on Oct 31, 2013

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The RPM shop is one of legend to anyone that has looked through a car show pamphlet in Vermont, but the classic picture of the red barn with three Ferrari 330s out front is only the beginning of the story; RPM can be found at any given time with a plethora of vintage sports and luxury cars, almost all of which possess a genuine and interesting history. See the above video for a brief selection of the cars and projects present at the shop when I visited in early August of this year, and be sure to check out for more updates on the shop’s current vehicles.

I would also like to thank Peter Markowski for his generosity with his shop and his time – without his help, this film would not have been possible.


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Ferrari Fontana Bodies

Ferrari Fontana

Aluminum Ferrari Bodywork

Fontana Ferrari Padua

Ferrari Coach-built Body

Here are two cars that have been together for over 50 years. The unfinished aluminum body is rumored to have been on Ferrari 340 America serial number 0030MT, a car raced for a number of years by the Marzotto team in the early 50′s. The red painted car, chassis number 0086 was a Marzotto Team car as well and in the mid-50′s the body (the bare aluminum one in the photo) came off the chassis 0030 and was fitted to 0086. Who the hell knows why but it looked ridiculous because chassis 0030 was inches longer than 0086 so the wheels didn’t line up in the fender openings.

In the 1952 Mille Miglia, chassis number 0086 was cloaked in a body identical to the one we made for the car which is shown in this photo. So I suppose these two Fontana cars will be together for another half-century or more.

Confusing enough?

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Ferrari 212 Body on a Pedistal


Ferrari 212


212 Display

Ferrari Display 212 Barchetta


Pedistal mount for Ferrari Body

Display for Fontana 212 Original

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Another Jig for Stainless Steel Water Pipes

If I were making a production run of something, this isn’t how I would do it. Ferrari made thousands of “250″ series cars all with these goofy water pipes for the cooling system which vary drastically throughout the 10 year production run.  They are so complex and hard to duplicate that re-making them nearly impossible. This “J” shaped pipe has a compound curve with barbs that have to be welded on in exactly the right location even though they appear to be stitched on at random locations. If they are off one millimeter, they will hit the oil filter or run into the fan.

These pipes are for the Lusso/GTE series of 250, but I can make a number of other styles from 166 up through the 275 cars utilizing my incredible and growing stockpile of bends and flared ends. Right now I am making a short run of the water pipe that connects the thermostat housing to the engine on a 275 GTB/GTS Two-Cam engine.

Water pipe for Ferrari

Water pipe for Ferrari

Water pipe copied for Ferrari

Water pipe copied for Ferrari

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Cleaning and Ebaying

IMG_5760We cleaned out the attic over the holiday and discovered a number of items that we’ll be putting on eBay in the coming weeks. Currently listed are a Bosch Voltage Regulator (black box BOSCH) 6v 12v volt for returning your classic back to the original configuration – or just the look.

Ferrari Bonaldi Brake Booster for rebuild will only stop you in your tracks in it’s current condition – not working – but in very nice cosmetic shape.

A rare Ferrari 275 GTB and GTB/4 Egg-Crate Grille Brandoli reproduction isn’t easy to come by and is in good condition.

Marchall 660 Fog Lights for Ferrari 250, 225, 212, 166 will actually look at home on a variety of other cars including Porsche 356, Mercedes 300, etc.

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Engine Video of the 212

Car Show Classics also put together this engine bay porn from Mille Miglia. It’s a lot of detail.

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Video Piece on the 212 From Mille Miglia

Car Show Classic did a piece with Marcel Massini on the 212 at Mille Miglia. This is a great description of the history of the car from the master himself.

See for more.

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Chopard Video From 1000 Miglia

Chopard has been a long time sponsor of the Mille, so of course, the Chopard website has a wide variety of Mille Miglia related products, as well as a gallery, and a video. The Ferrari 212 0086E that we restored makes a cameo appearance at about 1:01 on the video. It’s just in front of the cream colored featured car, heading out of Rome in the morning of the third day.

Click this pic to get to the Chopard site, from there, click "movie."

Click this pic to get to the Chopard site, from there, click "movie."

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One of my Favorite Conversions Solutions Revisions

We rarely have to repair rear axles and usually just clean and inspect the bearings and install new oil seals. Be it a Jaguar, Chevrolet or Alfa Romeo, it is rare that we see a ring and pinion that is damaged or bearings that are worn out. I hate to disturb the factory relationship between the ring and pinion gears so if the bearings check out ok, I keep the thing together.

Additionally, most car companies have figured out how to make the final drive robust and problem free because they are aware of the forces involved with the ring and pinion bevel gears – except for Ferrari. They used a deep groove ball bearing and sliding inner race roller bearing that cannot handle the axial loads on the pinion shaft. Other companies used tapered roller bearings that can handle a tremendous amount of this fore-and-aft thrust while spinning with ease but the Ferrari style comes apart and destroys the gears.

My solution is to replace the sliding inner race roller bearing and the deep groove ball bearing with a pair of tapered roller bearings. This photo is a 250 GT Lusso center section with the “chicklet” style limited slip differential. On some axles I’ve install tapered roller bearings to support the differential but on the later axles there isn’t much room to install this type of bearing and I have found the original ball bearing set up to be adequate. I have done this conversion to many cars that have gone many thousands of miles with no issues.

Final drive Ferrari

Final drive Ferrari

GT Ferrari 250 Axle Center section

GT Ferrari 250 Axle Center section

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GPS Classic

100504_italy_gps_shop_61-04GPS Classic had a lot going on when we arrived in Soragna to uncrate the 212. They operate a shop very much like RPM, but in Italy. Within the shop are a large number of Ferraris, Alfas, Oscas, and about 5 vintage Formula 3 cars. During Mille Miglia, GPS Classic takes care of a number of cars. We followed the 212 0086E in our service vehicle, while the first of the GPS Classic vans followed a couple of the other cars.

Other GPS Classic posts are here:




The plate that RPM made for the 212 in Vermont. Looks just like the original.


These are 175/550-13 tires on Campagnolo wheels... these were some of the narrower ones. The big ones got into the 15" wide territory.


Formula 3 - I think this was a Manta. There were Loti as well, and lots of Cosworth bits everywhere.


There are a few of these racks.


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