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Ferrari 356GTB/4 Daytona Fuel Vapor Canister

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been working with another shop to fabricate vapor canisters for the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. Last fall I delivered some parts that I sold a guy and he let me poke around his inventory. I found a half-dozen vapor canisters that were for a Maserati but they were the same basic shape as used on the Ferrari Daytona. I purchased all 6 bottles and we went to work changing the clock positions on the hose connections and making the correct style bracket. Plating the canister was hard because it kept floating to the top of the tank so they had to fill them with water, cap the pipes and sink them. A rubber stamp was made to replicate the SAVARA logo. Please let me know if you are interested in one of these, as I write this, I only have 4 left.

These canisters are for show purposes only, they are “gutted” of all charcoal absorbent.

Fuel vapor canister for Ferrari 365

Ferrari Daytona SAVARA fuel vapor canister


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Plastic Parts Made for Ferrari and Lamborghini

There were few replacement parts made for Ferrari and other Italian cars because the production numbers were so minimal and any stock was exhausted long ago. Many of the mechanical components for Ferrari’s are common to most models but the body and trim parts are getting hard to find.

I have taken it upon myself to make some parts. Long ago I made Air Conditioning vents, knobs, and little parts for 330GTC/GTS’s and 365′s. Every 330/365 at our shop is missing the alternator junction block cover and knob so I have re-made these parts. Often, the junction block itself is melted from years of engine bay heat and electrical heat so I make the complete units too.

Awhile ago, I made the thumb screws for Lamborghini air cleaner lids with the FIAMM logo.

Now, I am working on making some shift knobs, interior knobs and trying to make the vent window knob for the 330GTC so let me know if you need any of these parts.

If you need a part made, please let me know. Its easier to make a copy from an original part but I can make a part from a mechanical drawing as well. I am learning the techniques to make the molds, hard point holders and account for the shrinkage of the liquid plastic as it sets up.

Here are some of the parts I am making so far.

Plastic Reproduction Ferrari parts

Ferrari replacement parts, Plastic reproduction

Alternator Junction block Ferrari

Ferrari 330GTC Junction block


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Ferrari 365GTC Interesting Photo

After a massive amount of work, I brought this 1969 Ferrari 365GTC out for photographs and caught this Barn Swallow in the image!  Photo Bomb! If I new how to edit this image you would see that the bird is very well focused and clear.

Bird caught in the image of a Ferrari 365

Ferrari 365GTC with bird


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Ferrari Daytona Deer Accident

This Daytona came in recently for repairs after it struck a deer. We had to rebuild so much of the front, all the tubing was bent and radiator was damaged. We were happy with how it came out. It was a struggle to find out how the front plexi-glass should look when finished because there were so many different details from the cars we photographed.


Repair to the front of a Ferrari Daytona

Ferrari 365GTB/4 Front repair

Accident Repair Ferrar 365

Front end to a Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona

Bodywork repair on Ferrari Daytona

Ferrari Daytona Bodywork


Ferrari Daytona Coupe Early Production

Plexiglass front Daytona Coupe

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Ferrari Steering Gearboxes

Earlier this year, a good customer drove to the shop in his 1967 Ferrari 330GTC for some service work and asked me to critique the way his car handles. We went for a spin and I immediately understood what he was talking about, when entering a curve it took lots of “input” in order navigate a corner and even go straight down the road. I use the word “navigate” because it handles like a boat.

We have had the suspension aligned and he had it aligned at his local shop a few times in an attempt to remedy this problem but it still steers super slowl. We compared it to a few other cars that day which validated our feelings, there was something wrong with his car.

Ferrari used ZF steering boxes in all of the cars from the mid 50′s through to the Daytona in the early 70′s.  A 1:20 ratio was chosen for the 330GTC but the 275GTB of the same year used a faster 1:17 ratio. My solution was to buy a brand new 1:17 worm gear to replace the 1:20 and see how it goes down the road.

The handling was transformed and it finally felt like a sports car. The 1:17 ratio was the perfect match for the car, even the steering effort at parking speed wasn’t compromised. I really don’t understand why the 330 got the slower steering but I have since changed the ratio in three other GTC’s. If you have a 330GTC or even a 330 GT 2+2, you’ve got to install this faster ratio steering box, you will love the transformation

Ferrari 330 Steering Box

330GTC Steering Gear Box

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Ferrari 330 and 365 A/C Vents

Ferrari 330/365 A/C Vent

Ferrari Air Conditioning

Awhile back I published a post on reproducing the often broken or missing vents and knobs for the Ferrari 330 and 365′s that showed the  prototype to review before the final production. The final order of vents have arrived in a box and I challenged myself to make the delicate and finely detailed knobs that go in the middle of them.

Late production 330 GT 2+2′s had optional Air Conditioning with 3 louvered vents in the middle of the dash with little thimble sized knobs that you twist to both direct the air flow and operate the fan speed and temperature of the A/C system. The middle vent had a blank knob and the outer vents said “aria” I II III (for the three speed fan motor) and the other outer vent had a knob that had the script “freddo” that controls the temperature of the air outlet. I found some very good original knobs and cleaned them up, chipped the white paint out of the script and sanded the delicate fluted lines on them to make a good mold. Then I made tooling to make consistent parts time after time to fit the “D” shaped switch shafts. The results are amazing, I am so impressed at how great everything came out.

I didn’t make the louvered vents, these parts were extremely complicated because the outer cylinder of the vent is on a different angle than the louvered slats, how do you make a mold that not only pulls apart straight but allows the louvers to be on a 45 degree angle! Since I paid the big bucks, I own the multiple piece mold and may tell you the secret someday.

The only part I have not made are the chrome trim rings that go on the outer edge of the vent. Later this month the tooling will be finished up to stamp them out of brass and have them chrome plated to match the rest of these lovely little parts.

In this photo you can see the simple little tool to make the fluted knobs. I can only make one at a time but the same tool makes the “Aria”, the “Freddo” and the blank knob. Since I am using the slow cure plastic, I can only make two knobs per day but will experiment with faster cure resins to churn them out a little more rapidly. (if anyone actually orders them)

A/C vents for Ferrari's

330 or 365 Air Conditioning vents

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What’s Currently In The Shop

Mostly Porsche's and Ferraris

Mostly Porsche's and Ferraris

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Overhauled 365 GTC/4 engine

Nate did an amazing job on this C/4 engine, after being apart for a number of years he went through all the boxes and created this 4 overhead camshaft monster. He did a great job on detailing the engine too, all the parts are plated in the correct finishes and his wrinkle finish on the cam covers is outstanding.  These engines have so many castings that bolt together and are sealed with some flimsy paper, it takes a pro to seal these things and there isn’t a drop under this engine.

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Mountain Mille – Day 1

Signs of things to come. Later we found 35˚F temps and 7" of snow

Signs of things to come. Later we found 35˚F temps and 7" of snow

After a drive to Long Island to pick up cars, and Philadelphia to drop off an incredible Velocette Thruxton motorbike, we finally made it to Hot Springs, Virginia and the colossal hotel resort, The Homestead. The hotel is rich with history and while lobby alone is massive, a series of parlor rooms runs its length such that any small group can get away and feel as if they have their own private space. (Gallery after the jump) » Continue reading “Mountain Mille – Day 1″

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Ferrari Daytona

Last week I visited a friend and drove this amazing 1971 Ferrari 356 GTB/4 Daytona around town and was blown away at how nicely it performed. The odometer shows around 20,000 miles and based on the overall condition of the number of original components, I believe it. Since the car has had one conscientious owner for over 30 years it has a complete handbook set and full tool roll and has been serviced to make sure its in top condition at all times. Most Daytona’s are missing the original Magnetti-Marelli ignition boxes or Digi-Plex units but this car has them fitted on the front wheel arches in the engine bay.  My friend is selling the car so if you are interested let me know and I can make arrangements to have available for viewing.



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