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Ferrari 356GTB/4 Daytona Fuel Vapor Canister

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been working with another shop to fabricate vapor canisters for the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. Last fall I delivered some parts that I sold a guy and he let me poke around his inventory. I found a half-dozen vapor canisters that were for a Maserati but they were the same basic shape as used on the Ferrari Daytona. I purchased all 6 bottles and we went to work changing the clock positions on the hose connections and making the correct style bracket. Plating the canister was hard because it kept floating to the top of the tank so they had to fill them with water, cap the pipes and sink them. A rubber stamp was made to replicate the SAVARA logo. Please let me know if you are interested in one of these, as I write this, I only have 4 left.

These canisters are for show purposes only, they are “gutted” of all charcoal absorbent.

Fuel vapor canister for Ferrari 365

Ferrari Daytona SAVARA fuel vapor canister


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Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona A/C Evaporator Unit

This summer we had to repair a A/C Evaporator on a 1970 Ferrari Daytona so we thought it would be a good idea to copy the housing and make a “replica” unit. The original part had some very thin plastic which we remade in aluminum, otherwise this is a direct copy of the original.  This unit is complete with the core, blower, fan speed and temp controls, knobs, ID plate and little side doors for floor cooling. The main facia was originally a molded plastic piece but we made this one out of aluminum with black wrinkle finish paint which looks nearly identical to the original. At this time, I could probably re-make the part in plastic but need a perfect part to make mold.

Many Daytona’s were converted into competition cars in the past and things like the A/C components and other extraneous parts were taken out and thrown away. With Daytona’s becoming more valuable, some of these converted cars are being returned to their original configuration and need the A/C  parts re-fitted. If you need any help with A/C parts or a gasoline vapor canister (Charcoal cannister) please let me know, I may be able to assist you. I’ve got the A/C hose, hose ends and other components for A/C equipped Ferraris from the mid 1960′s to the mid 1970′s.

Complete A/C Evap Unit Ferrari

Daytona Evaporator unit


Top detail of 365GTB/4 Daytona Evaporator


Side view with blower Daytona Evap unit


Evaporator Core connections Ferrari Daytona


A/C Evaporator housing with Side door and knob

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Ferrari Daytona Deer Accident

This Daytona came in recently for repairs after it struck a deer. We had to rebuild so much of the front, all the tubing was bent and radiator was damaged. We were happy with how it came out. It was a struggle to find out how the front plexi-glass should look when finished because there were so many different details from the cars we photographed.


Repair to the front of a Ferrari Daytona

Ferrari 365GTB/4 Front repair

Accident Repair Ferrar 365

Front end to a Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona

Bodywork repair on Ferrari Daytona

Ferrari Daytona Bodywork


Ferrari Daytona Coupe Early Production

Plexiglass front Daytona Coupe

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Ferrari Daytona

Last week I visited a friend and drove this amazing 1971 Ferrari 356 GTB/4 Daytona around town and was blown away at how nicely it performed. The odometer shows around 20,000 miles and based on the overall condition of the number of original components, I believe it. Since the car has had one conscientious owner for over 30 years it has a complete handbook set and full tool roll and has been serviced to make sure its in top condition at all times. Most Daytona’s are missing the original Magnetti-Marelli ignition boxes or Digi-Plex units but this car has them fitted on the front wheel arches in the engine bay.  My friend is selling the car so if you are interested let me know and I can make arrangements to have available for viewing.



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Cleaning and Ebaying

IMG_5760We cleaned out the attic over the holiday and discovered a number of items that we’ll be putting on eBay in the coming weeks. Currently listed are a Bosch Voltage Regulator (black box BOSCH) 6v 12v volt for returning your classic back to the original configuration – or just the look.

Ferrari Bonaldi Brake Booster for rebuild will only stop you in your tracks in it’s current condition – not working – but in very nice cosmetic shape.

A rare Ferrari 275 GTB and GTB/4 Egg-Crate Grille Brandoli reproduction isn’t easy to come by and is in good condition.

Marchall 660 Fog Lights for Ferrari 250, 225, 212, 166 will actually look at home on a variety of other cars including Porsche 356, Mercedes 300, etc.

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Ferrari Race Team

Not sure who owns these cars but they are the ones that were transported in the FIAT truck in the Ferrari team livery. The cars are in excellent condition mechanically but they are appropriately rough on the outside, a refreshing change to the glossy perfection that you typically see at the Cavallino. The Daytona that you see here was racing against a Michelotto 308 GTB on Friday for one of the best Vintage Ferrari races I have ever seen.

Ferrari Race cars

Ferrari Race cars

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FIAT Hauler

This is a super cool truck, a former Ferrari team transporter that is now hauling some vintage cars.. The truck hauled a competition Daytona, a 750 Monza and a 275LM to Palm Beach International Raceway.

FIAT Ferrari truck

FIAT Ferrari truck

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Shot at the shop

Here is a recent shot that I took at the shop.

The Blue Boxer is finished right now after a full re-paint, new adjustable ride height shocks and a major service.

The 166 is getting ready for assembly to make sure all of the trim fits and panel fit.

The 365 GTC/4 on the lift it getting closer to finalize the restoration. We are making sure all of the electrical things work and just sent the ignition key steering lock off to have a new key made after breaking the old one in the switch.

The Daytona was painted and assembled by another shop but came to us to diagnose a poor running condition.

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Dyno Results for the 330 GTC, Daytona Coupe, and 365 BB

OK, the wait is over, the HP and torque results for the 3 Ferraris was as follows.

330 GTC. 287 HP and 284 Torque. See the video here.

Daytona Coupe 337 HP 315 Torque. See the video here.

365 Berlinetta Boxer 328 HP and 288 torque. See the video here.

I will work to put the graphs on the blog later this week so you can see the HP and torque curves. It was interesting to see the peak torque curve on the BB to be at under 4000RPM!

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Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona on the Dyno

Here is the third and final car on the chassis dyno. An early production Daytona.

Power specs here!

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