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Mountain Mille – Day 1

Signs of things to come. Later we found 35˚F temps and 7" of snow

Signs of things to come. Later we found 35˚F temps and 7" of snow

After a drive to Long Island to pick up cars, and Philadelphia to drop off an incredible Velocette Thruxton motorbike, we finally made it to Hot Springs, Virginia and the colossal hotel resort, The Homestead. The hotel is rich with history and while lobby alone is massive, a series of parlor rooms runs its length such that any small group can get away and feel as if they have their own private space. (Gallery after the jump) » Continue reading “Mountain Mille – Day 1″

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Cleaning and Ebaying

IMG_5760We cleaned out the attic over the holiday and discovered a number of items that we’ll be putting on eBay in the coming weeks. Currently listed are a Bosch Voltage Regulator (black box BOSCH) 6v 12v volt for returning your classic back to the original configuration – or just the look.

Ferrari Bonaldi Brake Booster for rebuild will only stop you in your tracks in it’s current condition – not working – but in very nice cosmetic shape.

A rare Ferrari 275 GTB and GTB/4 Egg-Crate Grille Brandoli reproduction isn’t easy to come by and is in good condition.

Marchall 660 Fog Lights for Ferrari 250, 225, 212, 166 will actually look at home on a variety of other cars including Porsche 356, Mercedes 300, etc.

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Ferrari 166 Berlinetta Headlights

After much researching to figure out what style headlight the 166 Touring bodies Berlinetta had and then searching for the correct headlight assembly we have finally seen some progress. The headlight opening in the body was all beat up from past work to fit an American style headlight with a large finishing rim so we had to re-work the entire headlight opening.

The trim ring on the correct style Carello headlight assembly is so small and fine that you cannot have one imperfection on the body. The assembly needs to fit up to the aluminum perfectly. Also, there is not a very good way to hold the assembly into the body so it really needs to “snap” into place as well as using a fastener.

These lights really make the car look good though!

Once painted, the reflection of the paint work on the trim ring will make any minor gaps disappear so we will not be too hard on ourselves.

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Ferrari 212 Vignale Coupe Headlight details

This 1951 Ferrari 212 Vignale Coupe has some generic headlights that did not fit well or look good. I located some correct Marchall headlights, buckets and trim rings but like most projects, the were not a “bolt in” installation

When we stripped the paint from the headlight area we found that the aluminum was very thin from over zealous filing and sanding so there was not much good material to work with. Eben made a hammer form for setting up the new aluminum sheet that will accept the headlight bucket.

Headlight trim ring fit is so important on a classic car so great effort was taken to make sure everything looks great prior to paint work. We think that the front end of the car looks so much better with the correct classic headlights. Now, how well will the paint match?

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Vintage Headlights for Ferrari

Seemingly minor details make a great restoration extraordinary. If we applied the worlds highest quality paint and chrome work on this old Ferrari 166 and installed off the shelf Sylvania or GE headlights the car would look terrible. If all of the chrome was perfect, the wheels shining and engine running perfectly but with modern silicone spark plug wire, ugh…

Anyhow, I have spent probably 15 hours inquiring about a set of proper headlights with corresponding buckets and trim rings. I have emailed photos back and forth to a specialist and made sure that I can get a set of fog lights to match the headlights. After all, I cannot get Marchall type 434′s with Carello Fog lights!!

I finally located a set of Carello headlight to go with the original Carello 6″ fog lights. I am so excited for them to come in. Once we get the parts we can finish off the nose of the 166 Touring Berlinetta and make sure everything fits perfectly prior to painting.

I also ordered a set of Marchall Type 435′s with buckets/retainer/outer trim for the 212 race car project and another set for a 212 Vignale coupe project. I think I just spent $15,000 on lights for these cars!

I am in the process of locating a pair of taillights for the 166, the car had some cheap plastic lens while using the original trim bezel. I was impressed at how well a DOT approved trailer light looked on this car. Photographed is an original taillight and original Marchall type 434 headlight.

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