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Plastic Parts Made for Ferrari and Lamborghini

There were few replacement parts made for Ferrari and other Italian cars because the production numbers were so minimal and any stock was exhausted long ago. Many of the mechanical components for Ferrari’s are common to most models but the body and trim parts are getting hard to find.

I have taken it upon myself to make some parts. Long ago I made Air Conditioning vents, knobs, and little parts for 330GTC/GTS’s and 365′s. Every 330/365 at our shop is missing the alternator junction block cover and knob so I have re-made these parts. Often, the junction block itself is melted from years of engine bay heat and electrical heat so I make the complete units too.

Awhile ago, I made the thumb screws for Lamborghini air cleaner lids with the FIAMM logo.

Now, I am working on making some shift knobs, interior knobs and trying to make the vent window knob for the 330GTC so let me know if you need any of these parts.

If you need a part made, please let me know. Its easier to make a copy from an original part but I can make a part from a mechanical drawing as well. I am learning the techniques to make the molds, hard point holders and account for the shrinkage of the liquid plastic as it sets up.

Here are some of the parts I am making so far.

Plastic Reproduction Ferrari parts

Ferrari replacement parts, Plastic reproduction

Alternator Junction block Ferrari

Ferrari 330GTC Junction block


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FIAMM Air Filter Thumb Screws

Nearly all of the Lamborghini V-12′s we have at the shop are missing, have mismatched or mangled thumb screws for the air cleaner top. On the Lamborghini Miura, the screws are right on the top of the engine in a very visible location so I have been looking for replacements to complete this and the Islero and Countach. A few vendors said they had the parts but couldn’t actually produce them and one guy sent me two which were not correct in appearance.

I found one very good original screw and made a mold from it so I could make my own. I’ve made a few parts in plastic but this is my first 2 piece mold which took a few attempts but I am very happy with the results. I am so fussy about how my parts look even though the molds for the original FIAMM parts weren’t clocked correctly! Anyhow, I have a few car sets of these parts that I am looking to sell and can make more to order. The first set I made sold very quickly on eBay.

While I don’t have a close up of them on a car, here is a shot of them on a 400GT Jarama holding on the white air cleaner lid

FIAMM Screws Air Cleaner

Lamborghini Jarama FIAMM Air Cleaner

FIAMM Air Filter Screw

Screws for FIAMM air cleaner


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Lamborghini Miura on Concrete

Lamborghini and Ferrari
Lamborghini Miura
Last summer our driveway was getting bad, stone that was pulverized to where it resembled baking flour. Cars pulling into the place would create a monster of a dust cloud, and the delivery trucks would turn the place into a scene from downtown Baghdad.

We hired a earthmoving crew to “tune up” the driveway by installing some drainage tiles, tubes and blind ditches. They installed a tile over the septic and prepared the area in front of the shop for a concrete apron.

A separate crew came in to lay down the steel reinforcement grid and set the forms. These guys worked so fast that it seemed that the bulk of what they did was wait for the mixer truck!

Once the concrete was cured, the earthmoving crew came in and stripped the top two feet of the driveway and installed ground cloth and covered it with new crushed stone. After leveling the stone they packed it with a primitive vibrational roller that I will show photos of later. The guys and me were so jealous of machine operators, it looked like so much fun.

I do not know how we lived as long as we did without this concrete apron, what a difference it makes. The new crushed stone makes nearly no dust and once it settles after a year of use we are thinking of paving the whole driveway.

I am so irritated that I did not photograph the construction work being done but at least you can enjoy more photos of Ferraris and a Lamborghini

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Lamborghini Miura Transmission

Lamborghini Miura spacings and bearings
Lamborghini Miura spacings and bearings
Nate has finished inspecting the bearings and spacers on the Lamborghini Miura project and has just replaced the synchros to make sure this car drives as new after we finish the engine overhaul.

This trans is similar to a Porsche 911 where you have everything hanging off that intermediate place and easy to get to. Overall, except for some strange details like the shift shaft going through the block on an angle and the common oil sump, this is a very well thought out power plant

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