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Maserati Ghibli Fuel Tank

When we recently inherited the Maserati Ghibli Project, I was amazed at how nearly every component was banged up, broken, rusted or just plain old trashed. Have a look a the front suspension components in these photos, how does this sort of thing happen!

Front supension components Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli Front suspension

Front suspension arm Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli Front suspension Arm


Among all the chaos, I observed a detail that no one has seen, not even Maserati Guru’s that was stuck to the gas tank. I measured out the size of the logo and the font and emailed the image to my friend Justin who runs a very creative graphics shop called JD Designs. He cleaned up the image, fine tuned the colors and made these perfect cast vinyl decals so we can fully detail this car and send stickers to other Ghibli owners. Justin has worked with us in the past to make the graphics for the 212 gauges and some of our advertising material and is a pleasure to work with

Since the original sticker was a little torn up, I wanted to make sure the words and spelling were correct so I visited my good friend Google who located SMA in Parma Italy. Since they still exist and are at the same location I was able to confirm these details to make an accurate reproduction.  I hope they don’t sue me for re-producing their image even though they seem to have changed their look over the years. Fabbrica is Italian for Fabricate or “Makers” and Serbatoi is translated to “Tanks”.

Maserati SMA Original Sticker

Original SMA Sticker

SMA Maserati Sticker

Reproduction SMA Sticker


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Maserati Ghibli Project #2

Hi Jack, to answer your question, the car came to us as you see it and was transported by our creative and hard working friend Tom Munier from Exotic Car Transport in Orlando Florida. He and his driver are Saints for dealing with this move which as you can see is bulky and cumbersome with two 4″ by 8″ by 4″ tall crates and one slightly smaller crate. The car was on the “rotisserie” which seems like a well made unit but is the most awkward and impossible thing I have ever tried to move. Tom’s Car Transportation Company is one of the best in the business and I recommend everyone call him if you need a car moved (after you call me first).

We have to repair some things on the body and address every little part that bolts to this car. One of the guys spent the week categorizing many worn and broken parts and it seems that we have nearly everything especially the hard to find stuff like castings and interior trim. Some of the exterior trim is a little trashed but overall, we are starting from a complete deck of cards.

I have always liked the appearance of Maserati Castings because they looked like they were inspired by the human skeletal system. We had a Maserati A6GCS at the shop awhile ago and the rear axle center section casting looked like head protection for a man in armor. The A/C compressor bracket is a light and amazingly strong aluminum piece of beauty with rib like reinforcements and an odd use of negative space to keep things interesting.

Engine Block Casting Maserati V-8

Maserati V8 engine block

Sleeves for 4.9 Ghibli Spyder

Ghibli Spyder sleeves and crankshafts

Engine Parts for Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder

Ghibli SS engine parts

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What’s Currently In The Shop

Mostly Porsche's and Ferraris

Mostly Porsche's and Ferraris

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Vintage Rallies Close to Cannonball

A group of three approaches the top of the pass.

A group of three approaches the top of the pass.

We have a very close relationship with Rich and Jean Taylor at Vintage Rallies, and I wanted to create a video to promote and build their events. So, earlier this summer we gathered some favorite customers and friends together for a spectacular day of enthusiastic driving on wonderful back roads. We closed down the shop, and Nate, Casey, Peter and I were actually able to enjoy the cars we work so hard on.

We made sure that every car had a camera and a co-driver to run it. The result, a brief, but fun piece that shows just beginning of some of the capabilities that these cars possess. Video after the jump (click here). » Continue reading “Vintage Rallies Close to Cannonball”

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Different era’s

Bentley and Ghibli

Bentley and Ghibli

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