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Porsche 356SC Cabriolet

We have had this 1964 Porsche 356SC Cabriolet at the shop for nearly a year and just got word from the owner that the car is for sale. There is a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity verifying that it is matching numbers and was finished in the same colors as you see here, Slate Gray with Fawn Leather.

The SC is the final evolution to the 356 lineup and is very collectible. This car is a very solid and straight example that needs some time to get it running after many years of storage. In the next few weeks we will drain the gas and fluids, bleed the brakes and get her going.

Please let me know if you want first dibs on this treasure, we are asking $185,000 in running condition.

Porsche Cabriolet

Porsche 356SC Cabriolet

Porsche 356SC Fawn

356SC Cab Interior Fawn

Porsche 356 Cabriolet

Porsche 356SC Engine, Solex Carburetors



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1969 Porsche 911T Tangerene

Over the last few years, I have located a few Porsche’s with some great documentation including original sales invoices and service history from new. There was a silver 1972 Porsche 911T Coupe that had the bill of sale from Malcolm Pray Porsche in CT. to the first owner. In the folder were a number of other service receipts from new.

I then purchased a 1968 912 with all kinds of service history from new and nearly every receipt from new noting everything from oil changes to every gas fill up and notes on gas mileage.

Last winter I bought a 1960 Porsche 356 Roadster with the original sales invoice from a Distributor in Germany, Ruffay Porsche to the first owner in the USA.

Sales Order Porsche 356 Roadster

Porsche Roadster Sales Document

The newest car is a 1969 Porsche 911T Coupe in the original color of Tangerene. It has the sales receipt from Porsche North America in New Jersey to Breen VW/Porsche in Illinois. It has the invoice from Breen Porsche to the original owner and every invoice from that day forward. This is an outstanding car with the original matching numbers 2.2 liter long block in a crate and an enhanced correct  type engine in the chassis. This car is incredibly fast and properly set up so it performs like a Carrera 2.7RS.

Porsche 911T Invoice from Porsche NA

1969 Invoice from Porsche

Breen VW/Porsche 1969

Sales invoice for Porsche 1969

1969 Porsche 911T Coupe

2.2 911T Coupe 1969.

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This is Cool, Original Porsche Car Order

Car order for Porsche 1960

1960 Porsche Car Order

This is such a cool document to study, it is a Car Order from a Distributor in Hamburg Germany to a dealer or private individual in San Jose CA showing how much that rear view mirror and ash tray costs. I did a little digging and found that Raffay is one of the biggest Porsche Dealers in Germany but I couldn’t get onto their website. I also did a little search for Clifford Haselton in San Jose CA. but I couldn’t really find anything. I like how they wrote this order and blanked out the different models with on the RH side of the document, not a Coupe, not a Hardtop Cabriolet but a Roadster. These documents are very rare as you can imagine.

There are all kinds of other documents that have stayed with this car for the last 53 years and the overall condition of the car reflects the same sort of care and integrity. This care is all compounded by the fact that it is an authentic California “Black Plate” car, one of the most solid, complete and original cars I have ever seen bar none.

Porsche 356 Roadster

Original Black Plate Porsche

1960 Porsche Roadster

Porsche Roadster Drautz



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It Takes Tons of Patience to Finish Things

Operations at the shop have been very slow for the last few weeks, after blasting things apart last fall we now have to put them back together which gets very tedious. No matter how much we try to account for every little detail, there are always a host of things that slip through the cracks. The Ford Tractor project has been halted until we make a new sewing thimble sized bushing for the distributor and the Lusso engine was nearly complete until Nate told me we were missing the fuel rail. It turns out that it had been at the chrome shop for the last 6 months, slamming on the brakes.

About 2 years ago a guy called me to ask how much I charge to overhaul a Porsche 356 engine. I gave him some rough estimates and didn’t hear from him for 2 years. In October he called me to say he was on his way up with the car to drop it off for the job!

A 356 engine is straightforward enough but nothing is ever simple at our shop. The car is a 1956 356 “A” Coupe the serial number on the engine timing cover revealed that it was from a 1962 356 “B”. I ordered all kinds of parts for the overhaul procedure but when it came to assembly time, the crankshaft main and rod bearings were incorrect. It turns out that the timing cover was from a “B” but the two case halves were the original 356 “A” parts that have many little but significant differences.

With a great deal of patience and tenacity, Casey has gotten the engine together and it will be ready for a test run soon. This engine needed everything, the sheet metal was rusted and the complete exhaust from the “J” pipes back was deteriorated beyond usefulness. While not detailed to a super high standard, the engine looks great

Overhauled Porsche 356 engine

Porsche 356 engine rebuilt


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Cars and Fire Trucks Coming and Going

GA Bound Porsche 356 Bodyshell

Body shell of Porsche 356

It was a busy day yesterday with the guys hustling around the shop to keep what seems like 1000 going at any given moment. We finally got the Porsche 356B body shell out of the back lot and en route to Georgia. Nate and I were going to put the longer forks on the Skid Steer loader but since we couldn’t find them we just used the shorter forks which worked just fine, reaching the upper level of the truck with ease. I pity the fool who has to take this lump off when it gets to GA!

Fire truck turned car hauler

Car Hauler Fire Truck

One of our customers bought this Seagrave Fire Truck from Washington State and asked us to arranged shipment to our shop to make it into a custom car hauler. When it arrived we loaded it onto our friends ramp truck to get it off the flat bed trailer. Needless to say, both kids and adults were crawling all over this thing. It has a Detroit Diesel 8V-71 engine and Allison Automatic transmission

Maserati Ghibli front suspension

Maserati Front Suspension and steering stuff

Engine block for 4.9 Ghibli

Ghibli 4.9 Liter S.S. engine

Rolf is managing the Maserati Ghibli project which means getting all kinds of parts sent off to the sub-contractors for various things like plating, rebuilding, etc.. We are sending the interior panels to Italy for upholstery while our local guy is going to replace the top and carpets.

Sandblasting Parts

Sandblasting various Parts

Andy is sandblasting all sorts of Maserati Parts, today he was pecking away at the leaf springs and doors. He has spent the week blasting the Ford 8N parts and Maserati parts such as front suspension and rear axle

Ferrari 250 type 168 block upside down

Inverted Ferrari V-12 type 168

Nate is assembling a Ferrari Lusso engine, we finally got the correct piston rings and a new high tech piston ring grinder with dial indicator, super trick. He is also getting all sorts of parts painted on the Ford 8N project and has assembled the transmission and final drive and put them in epoxy primer. He found the correct shade of red in PPG acrylic urethane aka “Concept”.

Seat adjusters for Ghibli Spyder

Maserati Spyder seat Rails

Air cleaner housing for Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli Air cleaner housing

Eben is contemplating how nearly every part on the Maserati Ghibli project  car is damaged or hacked up. The bolt holes for the seat tracks are broken here and there, a threaded ear on the brake pedal is broken, and the air cleaner housing has been hacked up at the top for some reason. Why would someone go after this area with shears? Maybe once I get the entire car together it will become evident.

Casey and Syl worked the day on the blue 365 GTC/4, installing the front and rear glass and polishing a few odd marks out of the paint. Casey spent the week getting all the A/C hoses routed and other things together on this car that’s been apart for way too long (embarrassingly long time).

I dropped my kids off at school and picked them up later in the day. I also bought and sold the Jaguar XKE Roadster. I also packed up a complete A/C kit for a Ferrari 330 GTC in a huge and heavy box and developed a lead on a Jaguar XKE Series I 2+2 and a XKE Series 1 3.8 liter Coupe. A friend stopped in and we discussed all kinds of cars he has for sale, an Alfa Sprint, Lancia Flaminia S.S. Zagato, what else… He is looking for a Jaguar XK-12o Roadster and a Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet S-II.

Our Bookkeeper Johanne was busy keeping our shop up to date with US Gov payroll status and all the million other bills she keeps on top of.

Peter was making some part, I just can’t remember at the time of this post… He was getting all the paperwork together for a Ferrari that we just sold.

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356 Porsche for sale

Does anyone want this ’63 Porsche 356 Coupe? It has a clean title. Last winter we got a super heavy snow and had to shovel the roof and accidentally jumped onto the roof of the buried Porsche.

Project Porsche Coupe

Project Porsche Coupe

Project for ambitious

Project for ambitious

Doors for 356 Porsche

Doors for 356 Porsche

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What’s Currently In The Shop

Mostly Porsche's and Ferraris

Mostly Porsche's and Ferraris

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All kinds of different cars at the shop

Cars in VT

Cars in VT

Alfa Romeo, Audi R8

Alfa Romeo, Audi R8

250 GT

250 GT

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Mountain Mille – Day 1

Signs of things to come. Later we found 35˚F temps and 7" of snow

Signs of things to come. Later we found 35˚F temps and 7" of snow

After a drive to Long Island to pick up cars, and Philadelphia to drop off an incredible Velocette Thruxton motorbike, we finally made it to Hot Springs, Virginia and the colossal hotel resort, The Homestead. The hotel is rich with history and while lobby alone is massive, a series of parlor rooms runs its length such that any small group can get away and feel as if they have their own private space. (Gallery after the jump) » Continue reading “Mountain Mille – Day 1″

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Cleaning and Ebaying

IMG_5760We cleaned out the attic over the holiday and discovered a number of items that we’ll be putting on eBay in the coming weeks. Currently listed are a Bosch Voltage Regulator (black box BOSCH) 6v 12v volt for returning your classic back to the original configuration – or just the look.

Ferrari Bonaldi Brake Booster for rebuild will only stop you in your tracks in it’s current condition – not working – but in very nice cosmetic shape.

A rare Ferrari 275 GTB and GTB/4 Egg-Crate Grille Brandoli reproduction isn’t easy to come by and is in good condition.

Marchall 660 Fog Lights for Ferrari 250, 225, 212, 166 will actually look at home on a variety of other cars including Porsche 356, Mercedes 300, etc.

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