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Ferrari 250GT Lusso Job

This magnificent Lusso came in for some work a year ago after a very nice restoration. The owner has had the car forever and had it restored to a high standard. He asked us for some help sorting the car after the restoration so I happily accepted. I really like these jobs because all the difficult body and cosmetic work was done and its up to us to get things working as they should.

The rear axle wasn’t assembled properly so we did a full overhaul with our tapered bearing conversion. We changed the ratio from 7-32 to 8-34 to make the car more user friendly on bigger American roads.  We have a few little tricks to make sure these axles are dead quiet when going down the road and this one is silent. You can see in this photo how the front of the pinion teeth were grinding against the bearing. Also note the bearing race was crudely ground to remove it from the pinion.

Ferrari Lusso Pinion Gear

Pinion Gear for Ferrrari Lusso

Ferrari rear axle gear ratio chart

Rear axle gear ratio Ferrari


Once we got the car on the road after the axle job, we found the engine to be running poorly and had strange oil pressure so we broke it down to find improperly installed main bearings, rough looking cams and some strange ignition “updates” which really never seem to work as well as the original set up.

Type 168 Ferrari 250 Engine

250GT Lusso Engine type 168

When we finally got the car on the road, the brakes pulled hard to the right because caliper jump line was crushed for some strange reason. After replacing a few front end components, we aligned the suspension and started driving the car for weeks to correct all of the little details that rear their ugly head in the worst possible situations! I drove it home on cool nights to make sure the heat and defrost worked. I filled it with gas to make sure it didn’t leak when full. It takes a team to shake down these cars. After I put 200 miles on the car, Nate drives it and finds that the cooling fan isn’t working properly. I was so happy with how this car came out.

Brake Caliper Jump Line Ferrari 250GT Dunlop

Brake System Ferrari 250 GT

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Fun With Video Production Ferrari and Maserati

Last summer Zach, Bill, Tim and I worked hard to make some video to show some of the wonderful cars at the shop under motion. Please have a look at the video link and let me know if you want us to do video features of your car or if we can help market your car for sales or media features. We have a great team and wonderful roads to showcase your car.



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Three Very Cool Cars, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar

I just wanted to share some photos of a few cars that are kind of the same era. The D-Type is a replica in Aluminum and probably one of the most fun cars to drive at the shop.

D-type and SWB

Ferrari SWB and Jaguar D-Type

Aston Martin and Ferrari 1961

Ferrari SWB and Aston DB4

Ferrari and Jaguar Competition cars

D-Type and SWB

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Super Original Jaguar XKE

Last fall, a customer asked me to check out a cool 1966 Jaguar XKE Roadster on Ebay. I contacted the seller who told me that his father purchased the car when new and it has never been out of the family. We bought the car, shipped it to the shop and did a bunch of work to make it a perfect driving yet very original example. The interior is incredibly well preserved but the carpets were a few random threads so we replaced the main carpets and left the rest of the original “Hardura” and that velvety stuff in the back area. We have spent a ton of time behind the wheel of this XKE and it is one of the best we have had. It has a supple original feel while feeling super crisp and responsive. Everything works perfectly on this car except the original hazy window in the convertible top that you can’t see through. This is a very special matching numbers example with a perfect original tool roll and lots of little details that would make a Jaguar expert very happy. Even though the owner loves this car, he has some college expenses coming up and is ready to sell the car.

I have tons of photos of this car including the tool kit and other details so let me know if you would like more information or specific shots. The tool roll is like a little treasure that you have to carefully unwrap to see the delicate Dunlop tin brake bleeder kit and all of the clunky tools. So cool.

Dunlop Brake Bleeder Tin

XKE Tool Roll for Jaguar


Series I 4.2 Jaguar XKE

1966 Jaguar XKE Roadster 4.2

XKE Roadster OTS S-I 4.2

Jaguar XKE Series I 4.2 Roadster


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Ferrari 212 Vignale Cabriolet

Last Spring I heard about a very early Ferrari 212 Vignale Cabriolet and knew the guy who would love this car. I offered to export it from its life long home of Toulouse France but the my customer asked me to secure the car and find a local shop to check it out so we could safely drive it to the Ferrari factory in Maranello Italy. The car was born in Italy and delivered new to the first owner in Toulouse where it has stayed since 1952. It is now our job to bring it back home!

All of our plans worked out nicely, Jean-Claude got the car up and running and we headed to Southern France to have Dinner in St. Tropez. What an amazing car, it is so fast and comfortable especially when we pack it full of bags and 100 liters of fuel! I could go on and on about the trip but after a two day stop in Monaco, we decided to press on and get to Italy.

When pulling out of a toll plaza, the car no longer was able to move itself, it was running fine, there were no odd noises, the transmission was shifting perfectly but the car wouldn’t move forward. I thought that the clutch disc broke or maybe something at the back of the transmission which wouldn’t surprise me since the engine was so strong but it turns out that the right hand rear axle shaft broke and the LH one was twisting and close to breaking.

What a supreme disappointment that we couldn’t have pulled into the Ferrari factory with this car but we had it trucked there for a Classiche Inspection and soon certification. It was a great experience none the less, we had a tour of the factory and a wonderful memory.

Ferrari Vignale Cabriolet 1952

Ferrari 212 Vignale cabriolet

212 Vignale Cabriolet

Vignale 212

ferrari axle broken

Show Stopper

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1977 Ferrari 308 GTB Carter Secco (Dry Sump)

Ferrari 308GTB Dry Sump

Dry Sump 308GTB Ferrari

A week ago I pulled the trigger and bought this really nice 1977 Ferrari 308GTB Carter Secco. Carter Secco literally translates to “Dry Frame” but we use the term “Dry Sump” here in the US. Most of the Carter Secco’s are for European Delivery which is where I got this car. Notice the larger front spoiler, small fiberglass bumpers and the lack of rectangular side markers? Its so pretty this way. This car is super nice and sorted, has all the books and tools and was recently serviced. In a few weeks the car will be here with the early Lambo LP400.

The other Dry Sump 308GTB I purchased months ago should be here soon, it arrived in the US on December 31st but has been locked up in Customs for an Agricultural Inspection for weeks which really bothers me. I need the car here to inspect, photograph and resell, so many people are interested in the car and I need the cash! Keep an eye out for photos of that red/black car.

Here are more photos of the red/tan car

308GTB Dry Sump Carter Secco

308GTB Carter Secco

308GTB Dry Sump Engine

Dry Sump engine 308 GTB

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Elephant Sculpture

Here is a cool sculpture that my brother made, its so intense. That his nephew Roman, standing in front of it.

Full Scale Elephant Sculpture

Metal Elephant Sculpture

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Ferrari 195 Ghia

When people hear the name Ghia, they think “Karmann Ghia”, the little Volkswagen that looks sporty even though it is based on the ubiquitous Beetle. What most people don’t know is that Ghia was a body building shop in Italy that also had a prolific design department in house. Karmann is a body building factory in Germany who actually built the VW’s.

There were a number of early Ferraris with bodies built and designed by Ghia and the photo of this dash is one of them. What makes a Ferrari a Ferrari is the beautiful bodywork designed and built by other companies! I have long felt that there should be a Pininfarina or Scaglietti badge on the nose of a Ferrari because they did most of the work to make Ferrari an icon

Anyhow, Ghia seemed to sneak their logo on the cars more than other companies. Look at how the horn push has a “G” and not the Ferrari Horse. Go Ghia! This car is in the shop for a full restoration after sitting idle since the mid 60′s. We are very excited about this project. I think that this Ghia built Ferrari is one of the best looking early Ferraris, its really well proportioned and seems to fit the chassis really well. Stay tuned for more photos of this project

195 Ferrari Ghia

Ghia Ferrari 195

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Ferrari 275GTB/4

We had some magnificent cars at the shop this fall and broke out our video gear to film the cars going down the road. When filming, the motto is “hurry up and wait” so I had some time to take photos of the cars.

Ferrari 275 and 330's

Ferraris from the 60′s

Ferrari 275 GTB/4

GTB/4 Ferrari


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Lamborghini Uracco

If you look at the Uracco script on the back of this car, it looks like it spells the work Tacco! So, we call this car the Taco. This is my new favorite car, its so interesting, usable, fun, ugly, pretty. It has 4 seats so my kids can go for a ride. It has the coolest interior of all time, these block pattern seats and turn signal/high low switch sticking straight out of the dash instead of being on the steering column. The steering wheel is dished so deep yet your arms are still fully outstretched to reach it, I could go on and on about the gauge and switch layout and the crazy industrial feel of the shifter. Great car.

This is a Uracco P250 with the 2.5 liter V8 which has the same cosmetic details as the earlier P200 and a bigger engine. The P300 had updated seats that aren’t as cool and started getting bigger rubber bumpers and things that detracted from the appeal of this model. The engine is outstanding and is probably one of the best sounding V-8′s I have ever heard. The transmission shifts perfectly, the handling is seamless and ride quality is outstanding.

Lamborghini’s are amazing because they are extremely dynamic, avant-garde cars but they seem to have a sense of humor, they take styling to the edge and push a little more without seeming “precious”. Excuse the pun but I am really “bullish” on Lamborghini’s right now. We have just delivered the Jarama which blew me away at how fast, capable, stable and most importantly, interesting to look at!

Lambo Uracco P250

Lamborghini Uracco

Uracco Upholstery, rear seats

Uracco Seats




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