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[Video] Bugatti Type 52 Driving

Racing it is not, especially with Ruby who is such a cautious driver but she will get some more seat time later this summer. We are thinking of trading this original 1927 car for a couple of the reproduction “Pur Sang” cars so the kids can race around without worrying about destroying something  valuable.

The Bugatti type 52 performed beautifully and the hand operated brakes stopped the car with confidence, “my cars are made to go, not to stop”.

Read more about the Bugatti Type 52 here:

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Blue 512BB on Chassis Dyno

We dynoed this blue 512BB last summer, and I cannot remember the exact figures. But, I do remember the incredible torque curve and how it made the maximum HP and torque at 5000RPM then plateaued out. I think it made just under 300HP at the rear wheels. We are going to be overhauling and enhancing this engine soon and it will be cool to put it back on the dyno to see the new numbers.

Here’s a link to a similar 512BB on the dyno this winter – this time in red.

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Video: Ferrari Engine Assembly

With all of the recent interest in Ferrari’s manufacturing practices, it seems only appropriate to post this video. It is quite pleasant to watch, and you might learn. Plus the soundtrack isn’t bad either, a few famous guys made it.

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Dyno Testing the 1960 Ferrari 250 GT

We took the red 1960 Ferrari 250 GT to the dyno earlier this week. This is a Pininfarina bodied convertible and is more beautiful than a high-school cheerleading captain. Still, its very close relative, the 250 California commands a much higher price – most people can’t afford to tell the difference. This 250 GT has an amazing sound that’s enhanced by a tasteful aftermarket exhaust, though nearly drowned out by the carburetors at full song – turn it down if you’re at work.

To see our other videos check out our YouTube channel From there you can also subscribe to be alerted whenever we put up a new video.

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Video: 1984 Ferrari 512 BBi at the Dyno

We took the red 1984 Berlinetta Boxer to the dyno this week. The video has great sound, but turn it down if you’re at work.

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Video: Testing the Ferrari 250 GTE

A Ferrari 250 came into R.P.M. with some major oil leaks. We removed the engine and tested it so we can see where the leaks are coming from. Here you can see the engine running on the test bench. Here is another clip as well. If you like these videos, check out our YouTube Channel at

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Ferrari 250 Engine Test Run

It strikes me as odd that the most popular video on the FerrariCraft and RPMVT YouTube channel has over 70,000 views, but doesn’t actually own a blog post here on FerrariCraft. We’ve remedied this by adding the video below. Also, take a moment and head to our YouTube channel and subscribe.

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Engine Stand: 330 GTC Engine Test

Here’s a video from the summer of 2009. A test run of a Colombo V12 from a 330 GTC on an engine stand after we performed a full overhaul, and a post to describe its previous condition here.

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Test Drive: Ferrari 330 GTS

We took the Ferrari 330 GTS out to make sure it was ready to deliver and made a little video while we drove. The engine sounds great, so turn it up – of course there is some additional noise because the of the GTS soft top. Comment to let us know if you want to see more videos like this on FerrariCraft.

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Ferrari 250 GT Lusso Engine Running

We finished up the Lusso engine awhile ago but finally got to test run it. We set it up and it touched off immediately.  For the uninitiated, this is the 3 liter Ferrari V-12 engine out of the iconic 250 GT Lusso. We overhauled the engine with all new parts: Cosworth pistons at a slightly higher compression ratio, 275 GTB 9mm lift cams along with bigger 275 valves were installed. I am interested in how it pulls when it is in the chassis. This engine sounds very crisp and I am looking forward to setting it up with the exhaust to run it some more.

Listen to it crackle on youtube at or just watch below.

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